Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A cozy email from Cynthia at the fab store Ornamentea

Join us throughout the day every Tuesday to make a great beginner-friendly project at our work table. Click the picture to see it larger. Create this $3 project at our work table, through 8:00 pm tonight.

Good morning!

Brr...It feels like fall out there
 and I'm happy to be inside,
 cozy with a cup of coffee
 and a pair of socks.
 When my feet get cold,
 I have to stop everything
and get them warm.
Somehow, having cold feet
 keeps my brain from thinking
 about anything.
Since I've got a drawer
full of warm socks
I'm planning on devoting my
 to some new crafty projects
 this week.
 I spent a lot of time last week
 getting ready for the
 Handcrafted Holidays
 party and so this week
 I can move on to making
 I have a partially
 finished necklace
that uses a few strands
 of ball chain
 I want to work on.
 A fringed filigree
 pendant to finish.
 A ring with a skull bead
 that needs to happen.
 I am also thinking a lot
 about a doing
 some micro-wrapping
 with 26 gauge
 gold filled wire
 and some of the
 new teeny stone beads
 we have in the case.
Those faceted
 carnelians are calling
my name.

If you need a place
 to get out
 of the weather
 this week,
 join us at the work table.
 You will
 have to bring your
 own socks.
See you soon-


Oh, check out the
 Handmade Holiday
 party wrap-up here
 on the blog.

Fiber Restock

here today,
 this class will fill up.

If you want to know
where your heart is,
go to where your mind
 goes when it wanders.

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