Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rebel Yells for The Great New Magazine for which I will working, Digital Beading Australia

Oh my Gosh! How Glorious!  What  is this???
It is the coolest!!! Something entirely new!  It is, hands down, the most original  new digital mag. in the whole wide world! 
And, wonderfully, I get to help out my beloved former editor Kelly (now my editor again!--Yay!) ...  as she revvs it up with a super fab roar!
The cool thing is that it it focused not just on Australia, has an American aspect to it as well. Therefore, while they are sweating it out in AU, and we are freezing and skiing our little bunnie
 suits off here in the USA, there are issues themed for both seasons!
As it is a digital mag, it comes right to your i pad,  computer or laptop ready to rock!
I am working on trends in the US as you read this. I already have my "Rebel Yell" down pat, with no problem, because I spent half my growing years in the South, despite my New York City Girl background. You'd be surprised at how great the acoustics are at the Metropolitan Museum.
Um...But you didn't hear it from me!
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jean xox!!!
More news as I get it!


Patsy Evins said...

So Cool Jean! Are you still with Australia Magazine or did this mag replace them?

Marissa Foss said...

This is so awesome!

-Marissa Foss,

jean said...

Dear Patsy, I am with my beloved editor. She used to work at Australian Beading Mag.--I worked for her, there.
However as soon as she asked me to work for her I was so excited! I immediately wanted to work with her on her new project!xox jean!

jean said...

Thank you Marissa--That is so sweet of you to say!
xox jean!