Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I have a great love of Basha Beads , Have you heard of them

Sapphire Storm, our team doll for our worldwide charity project, wearing Basha Beads,
made into Magic Ball earrings by me. The locket is by me as well and conceals her "secret" third name, which no one but the auction winner will know. Sapphire Storm is a Blue Gypsy, although she is not dressed in her full regalia in this photo. This is a "Work in Progress" photo.

The project is nearing the end stages for all of our 7 teams from all over the world. I made so much jewelry for Sapphire and her little Middie sister , Indigo Tambourine, that the poor girl who is the famous photographer on our team, in California wrote an email to our team (ironically called Team Pink) in which I noted a slight sense of desperation about whether or not she had to photograph all of the accessories when she got the Team girls and their lovely clothes and such. I knew perfectly well she was worried about ME,and my contributions, as I had made around fifty thousand five hundred things for the girls, not wanting to let them go and send them on to the next person on the team. I was being quite piggy about it.
As you can see, I am holding Sapphire up with my hand in this photo...I was trying to catch the flashes of the Magic Ball earrings. All Gypsies have balls to see into the future, of course.

It was almost impossible to let those earrings go. I have a funny habit. I never try on or wear anything I give away or see if it goes in a person's ear. I like to keep my ear wires completely clean and unworn. Therefore, I never even got to see that pair on myself. Our project, which will ultimately culminate with a display in a gallery of all of the team dolls, and a showing of them at Blythe con 2013 in New York City for all the Blythe lovers who will be attending that, is called "For the Love of Blythe". Cindy Sowers, Fanny Zara, and I are the administrators of the project (although I don't do much because let's just say I really am hopeless at stuff like that). There will be a book as well, which we are writing. You will not believe the amazing customized Blythes which have been created, passed from hand to hand and always just for love. If you want to know more about the project you can find our website, For the Love of Blythe, and check out our Facebook page, which I put together and which is why Cindy and Fanny do most of that sort of thing. It too is called For the Love of Blythe. I did make up that name.

Back to Basha Beads.

OK, I couldn't have that pair, above. However, then I had a brilliant idea. Just..GET MORE BASHA BEADS!  HERE is her shop on Etsy.

So I got some, in "Garnet"

here is a photo of a pair of her Garnet beads. Photo by Basha

Aren't they amazing? That is some serious good work.
Look at the fire in her beads and masses of color and changing color.

I am very particular about the beads I fall in love with, and good beads just make themselves into jewelry when you get them home, as you all know. You just have to sit back and watch the transformation from the beads into jewelry you can wear. It isn't that you get to be lazy. Rather, it actually leaves you breathless with excitement.

The craggy shape makes these beads look like natural gems from some other planet; a planet which glows. Maybe she makes them from materials from Planet Wow. It certainly looks like that to me.

I will be working on a pendant and some earrings using Basha Beads in Garnet within the next week. For myself! This will be better that real garnets, or rubies, or anything. That is the pull these beads have for me.



Anonymous said...
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Pat Gray said...

These beads are stunners! Definitely on my gotta-get list...

Jean said...

Dear Pat. wait until you see them at home! You will totally love them!
xox jean