Friday, November 23, 2012

TODAY was a great day. I watched the Movie Con Air, with Nick Cage, John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi and John Cusak

Now, this is one of the main reasons I love having a blog. Possibly you have never seen Nick Cage in this fantastic movie, CON AIR 

Wow! It is so old it boasts that it is "widescreen". How impressive! That must have made quite an impact.

All I know is, if it happens to come on, I watch it.

As a woman who could watch the Bourne Identity and Lethal Weapon and Die Hard ( newsflash! there is a new one coming out in 2013!) I appear to like action flicks, I note.

But this! This has some of the wittiest dialogue in an action movie, some of the most exciting scenes, much swearing and blood (none of it gratuitous, in my opinion...these cons are the worst bunch of cons
in con world. Of course they swear and are violent). They are horrible hardened criminals.They are the baddest of the bad.
Except for a couple of them, one of course being Nicholas Cage. Aside from looking pretty easy on the eyes in this movie,

he even went and spent a number of months in Alabama, where the movie is based, to perfect his accent before he played his part. Which was time well spent, as he is slightly apt to slip into his California accent in many of his movies. It can sort of funny but at times it is distracting. I think he and Sean Connery did a great job in The Rock, incidentally...but somehow the movie people live for casting him against his strengths, frequently. BUT NOT IN CONAIR. He is not a researcher or a scientist in Con Air, Geesh! I mean!

Here is archvillain John Malkovich, as Cyrus the Virus, uttering one of my favorite quotes.

[Holding a gun up to the head of a stuffed pink bunny]
Cyrus Grissom: Make a move and the bunny gets it.

You have NO idea what this means to Nick Cage, playing Cameron Poe when Cyrus the Virus
states this. It is funny, it is horrible, it is evil incarnate!

And it is perfect.

Here is the sweet last scene of the movie, where Cameron is reunited with his loving wife, hummin'bird, and his daughter  whom he has never met, as he was in prison before she was born, but it is HER 7th Birthday and he has got this bunny for her for her birthday ON the day of her birthday and that is why he got himself into this mess with all these totally evil, bad bad bad bad  cons--he was hitching a ride on "Con Air" to get home faster and be there for her actual birthday.

After all the turmoil, the phenomenal fights, the blood and gore, the cleverness, it is really heartwarming to see the scene, because all Cameron wanted to do was get home to his family, but as a former member of the Marines (I think) he had taken an oath to leave no man or woman behind and there were two people flying on that hellish plane who were good, and he had to save them. And so he did.
Then he saw his wife and met his daughter for the first time and here it is, now:

Truly one of my faves.

I got so happy I ate a whole pile of mashed potatoes  and a massive amount of couscous for dinner.
WHICH  WAS DELICIOUS--much better than what I ate yesterday, which I can't even remember.

 see you,


Bobbie said...

It is a rip-roaring fun movie! It's been a long time since I saw it, but you've inspired me to keep an eye out for it again.

Jean said...

I always drop everything if possible when it appears!
Ah, it is like ... you are right, it really is rip-roaring fun!
xox jean!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Some of the scenes were chilling. I agree, excellent movie :)

Jean said...

Jafabrit!!! Yay! so good to see you! chilling, yes, insightful, yes, funny, too.
I just adore it.
How are you, knitting and art activist? You are so cool!!!
xoxoxox jean

JafaBrit's Art said...

aaaaaaaaaaah, thanks Jean.
Busy with my daughters wedding in December, eeeeeeeeeek, so excited.
Currently obsessed with making little art boxes for free art friday lol! My muse has such control of me.

Jean said...

December!!! That is so wonderful!
I am so happy for her, and for YOU! Corrinne, I have 3 grandsons now! I love them so much!

xoxoxox!!! jean

Jean said...

December!!! That is so wonderful!
I am so happy for her, and for YOU! Corrinne, I have 3 grandsons now! I love them so much!

xoxoxox!!! jean