Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Day in the life, and the grand annoucement of the winner of Margot Potter's great book, The Fine Art of Shameless Self Promotion

email I wrote earlier today to a sweet friend in  a far off place:

Hi! I missed you! I was wondering how your decorating went! Now it sounds as if you are on to even more newer things! I am so excited about your reroot!<<note from jean: this is doll chat
I cannot wait to see your new girl with pink hair!!! Pink is my favourite colour--ever since I parted ways with my beloved lavender. I love both of them combined together a LOT, too!
I do this trends thing for my magazine and my guess was that sky blue was going to be Pantone's colour for 2013. However on Dec. 6th they made their announcement that emerald is the colour for 2013. I think they are "going green" for political reasons as well as aesthetic ones. What do you think? People are so hyped up about our planet and its rapid disintegration I believe it has affected the Pantone colour decision. I do not think this is necessarily bad. Rather, I find it somewhat fascinating, proactive, provocative, and another reason to keep an eye on all aspects of the world affecting other aspects of the world. I am going to write a blog about this, but you read it here, first! :) <--note from jean, so I wrote about it!
I have to write a poem for Robert. I am not good at writing poems.
My best talents lie in longer types of writing. <--note from jean: did you all know that Chicago is not called the "Windy City" because it is windy (which it is) but because in the 1800's there were so many blowhards fighting for the right to have the next World's Fair there against New York  that it earned its nickname because of the flurry of words flying fast and hard from all the head honchos of the city of Chicago? Interesting stuff!
My new name: Windy jean. This has a ring to it and I like it. It's so...APT.
Poems are usually so succinct and pared down. I will be reading my poem tomorrow at a candle lighting ceremony at our branch of The Compassionate Friends. I want it to be the best poem ever. Because Robert was the best kid ever. I will be working on that this weekend.
We had a fairly tough week and I expect it will be tougher as Christmas gets closer.
However, please never hold back on your anticipation and excitement concerning Christmas because I inhale it and it becomes part of my "inner decorating"--which is good and a positive thing. You help me that way!
Two of my Latis<--more doll chat have made their way to their new mothers now. Just your two remain! They have told me they cannot wait! They want to see YOU! I am excited and so happy that they will be with you. I have all sorts of stuff to send you, including your mohair of course!<--jean promptly forgets the mohair and has to do second mailing::::::::just kidding
I would write more but I MUST load images on BK.<--more doll chat, can you believe it? I spent all yesterday trying to do this and only managed to get two on!!! Something about the way I do it is idiotic! ARRGHHH! Story of my life. Always doing everything the most complicated, upside down, discombobulated way!
love you!!! me!!! xoxox
Now! Who is Ready to win Margot's book? Thank you all for your comments! I am thrilled at the trunout, and even MORE thrilled at the TURNOUT! I went to Random to be fair. I found it very exciting to be one of the hosts of this generous giveaway, and I love Margot for all her hard work on this. Thank you!!! to Margot for including me in your collection of cool people who got the opportunity to give away your fab book,
The Fine Art of Shameless Self Promotion!
 Margot potter book cover fassp_kdp_copy
Here goes:
And the winner is:

Bead-Mused !

Dear Bead-Mused, congratulations! I shall forward your email to Margot Potter. I am so pleased that you won!

To everyone else who entered: Thank you for leaving such lovely comments and I wish I could have given each of you a copy of this wonderful book. As you can see by my review of it, it is just a fantastic piece of work and love by the great Margot Potter!--jean

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