Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fabulous news from Lark Publishing--Big sale

I love hearing from Ray Hemachandra, because he always has the best news to relay to all of you who love Lark books as much as I do! Here is his latest missive!

"Dear friend,<--that is me! jean! I also love that I am Ray's friend! Yippee!

I'm happy to report a very special opportunity this week: most Lark Jewelry
& Beading books are on sale at half price on until Dec. 11, and also is matching most of the sale prices.

We've listed all the titles available at half-price on our blog at:

Or, full URL:

The sale includes our best-selling 500 and Masters gallery gift books,
including Publishers Weekly Book of the Year Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry.

includes beading books by Sabine Lippert (an Amazon Top 10 Craft Book of the
Year), Jill Wiseman, Sonoko Nozue, Diane Fitzgerald, Marcia DeCoster, Sherry
Serafini, Rachel Nelson-Smith, Melissa Grakowsky, Mabeline Gidez, Jamie
Cloud Eakin, Laura McCabe, Ann Benson, Janice Berkebile and Tracy Stanley,
Candie Cooper, and so many other wonderful teachers and designers. And it
includes jewelry technique books by Gordon Uyehara, Mary Hettmansperger,
Carles Codina, Joanna Gollberg, Linda Darty, Dylon Whyte, Lisa Bluhm,
Barbara Becker Simon, Brenda Schweder, Nathalie Mornu, Kathy Sheldon, and,
again, many, many of our top authors.

We hope you'll share the links above, or direct links to specific books, via
your own preferred social media channels. It's a great opportunity for your
friends, colleagues, and the community, and I'm so pleased to share it with

I am always happy to share the news with you all, here on my blog, and also on
Facebook! Sometimes I even twitter! This is harder for me however. I am working on having it become one of my preferred social media channels.
At any rate you see me less there. I am apt to be retweeting some awesome news for fellow
Virgos about how secretly great we are, which no one else seems to realize but us.
However, I am TRYING!--jean

Happy holidays,

Ray Hemachandra"


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Ray Hemachandra

Happy Holidays to you, Ray! It has been a banner year for you and for Lark! Here is to more of the same in 2013!!!  --jean

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