Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I want to learn how to TAT, Craftsy, Marilee Rockly

I want to learn how to tat.Watch the video to see what I am talking about--I got it from youtube.

No, I do not want to learn how to "tattoo" other people or myself. I already have two tattoos, and if I do anything else to my body that way it shall first be a nose piercing. Just a really pretty tiny little nose piercing. As I do not have a pretty little nose however, but, rather, a very distinguished and imposing nose which really reminds me of the movie North By Northwest, where Cary Grant is climbing all over the noses of the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore, in a scene in which my nose would be very suitable as a stunt double for George Washington's nose...or maybe the nose in the early Woody Allen movie where the nose gets run over and it is a giant flat nose from a  scientist who was being saved via cryrogenics to clone later, or even ANY of the noses which Peter Sellers used as Inspector Clouseau to cleverly disguise himself (usually they would melt off his face at the worst possible times)--hello, Richard Nordquist from Grammar, is this what they call a run on sentence? --anyway, where was I?
I want to learn how to tat. To "shuttle tat", the way they did in Victorian times.I have no idea what they did with their tatting back in Victorian times, but I expect they covered up the legs of tables and chairs with their tat work, as legs of tables and chairs were considered shockingly "dirty" and were not to be exposed. And they were so right about that, weren't they? Chair legs and table legs are so wrong on so many levels.
But I digress.
I want to learn to tat not to cover up table legs however. I just want to learn to tat because it is fascinating, pretty, and apears very relaxing to do, in a similar manner to weaving chain maille, unless you hate weaving chain maille.
So I have been looking into shuttle tatting and this lady here I am about to mention is truly one of the greats.
She has a lesson book you can buy at Craftsy and download and it is on sale at the moment. It teaches you four different things. One is a lovely pair of earrings which I adore and would try first.
The best thing about tatting, I surmise, is that it requires very little investment monetarily on your part to get the tools and materials to get started. As a jewelry designer, that is a marvelous plus to me.

 I admit, in my pergrinations through the world of self taught jewelry, I have invested quite a bit in all sorts of tools in order to teach myself many different kinds of jewelry making. I love them all and have even used them to defend myself when necessary, but it is a fun thought to try this new endeavor without laying out a major amount of cashola, first.
To be honest,
I do need to try new things on a regular basis to keep my creativity at full blast. It is just a fact.
Therefore, I think tatting is in my near future!

Check this email out which I got today from to introduce yourself to the lovely lady above who seems to really understand how to teach this skill.

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Tatting is a beautiful technique where thread is tied in a simple repeated knot to form rings, picots, and chains using a shuttle. Marilee Rockley teaches modern twists on this traditional, Victorian technique. Learn how to begin forming the tatting knot in thread to make beautiful designs. Marilee walks you through four projects that increase in complexity as you build your skills and confidence using a shuttle. Create a simple rosette that can be made into earrings or an embellishment for other projects, a pair of beautiful earrings that emulate the Victorian roots of this craft, a lovely bracelet adorned with beads, and an elegant pendant. Enroll today for 25% off!


Kathy Lindemer said...

I really enjoyed the video. I may give it a try.

Jean said...

Thanks! I have been speaking with a new friend who is giving me lots of information on it!
xoxox jean!
It seems like a lot of fun!

Becky Pancake said...

I took a tatting class years ago and thought it was fun. it does take lots of time though.

Chris White said...

Thanks Jean, this is just another form of great jewelry design. I may give it a try. It certainly looks interesting!
Happy Holidays!

Jean said...

Dear Becky:
The only thing I have yet discovered to not take time is cooking hamburgers for Jim, if I squash them really flat. Other than that, EVERYTHING takes time!
Aye yi yi!
xox jean!

Jean said...

Dear Chris, I thought it looked nteresting too! :)
xox jean