Monday, December 24, 2012

Kindly People of Planet Earth: Please send me your Perfume Samples

I am clawing my way to the top at, the perfume website which I like, trying to be the best (or maybe at the very least, the most prolific) reviewer of fragrance on this prestigious site. I have two sites which I am a member of, and I like the other one too, but I have already forgotten my password so I head over to Fragrantica a bit more often. However I get great emails from the other site, which is fun. I always try to lead with my writing talent, as I know nothing about top, mid, and base notes. Therefore I attempt to sweep the readers of my reviews off their feet with my evocative prose. It helps that I have a profile photo of me and my large nose, which probably convinces people I can smell. I mean wouldn't you figure that?  If you saw me from the side. I am pretty famous for my big nose.

Today has been sort of rough day, except that Jim met up with this dear sweet friend of Robert's, whose dear sweet mother came along, and Jim was given some Christmas gifts from Robert's friend.
Some people are just so wonderful! It made things a LOT better.

I spent the time at home watching Psych (they are having a Psychathon) on TV with the sound turned off, and keeping an eye on Dylan. Dylan had been up all night and was asleep all day. He just woke up now! I didn't notice that I left the sound off as I was working so intensely on my reviews.
Here is a photo of Gus and Sean on Psych from Google:

I like this one because of the pineapples. I think this show is hysterically funny and I recommend it.

But back to the perfume:

I reviewed 3 perfumes today, and here is an example of one of my reviews. I have two balloons next to it, which are awards for my review for the one I am going to show you below. Namely my  review
of L'Occitane de Provence's Rose & Reine

Isn't that pretty?  I think so.

Here is my review: I KNOW NOTHING about the technical aspects of perfume reviewing, so I try to use my ability to describe moods when I review. I like to think of myself as a lot like Marcel Proust as I may have said before.
Possibly you know that the first sense to develop is the sense of smell, and it is a powerful force to
get you going as far as loving or hating something.
For example, I like the smell of gasoline as we used to have a boat and we would fill the boat up with gas from a little gas tank. Then we would go have fun. I also love the smell of sulphur--a match first struck, because I used to smoke, horror of horrors! Sorry about that. I quit. I like the smell of Jim.I like the smell of fried food.  Yep, jean is a class act all right.
So keep in mind I know nothing about perfume per se, except I love it.

Here is my review for Rose & Reine

"I love this fragrance for summer, especially on those nights when the wind is lightly blowing, and the gentle breeze is caressing your body.
I can, in my mind, smell the roses of my childhood, which used to climb all the way up to my room, on the second floor of our house. The windows would be open and the fragrance would enter the room as if like a beautiful mystery to me of what would come, in my life, as I grew older. A mystery of my potential future.

I wear this scent when I want to recapture the exquisite wonder of my childhood. It is ingenuous and yet softly lively. It is not intrusive. It is, rather,
seductive in a slightly delightful way--as if it were
slightly coquettish.

I asked my husband what my arm (where I had put the scent) smelled like, to him, today.
He said, "powder".

I was quite interested in his response because I was smelling rose, rose, rose, and more rose.

I believe that people associate good memories (or bad)
with certain fragrances.

I think my husband said "powder" not because he is a perfume expert and was noting the dry down phase of this perfume, but, rather, that he was associating a happy smell (baby powder) from HIS childhood with this scent.
He loves baby powder to this day!

And I...I love roses to this day.

I give this scent 5 stars for bringing me back emotionally to a state in my life when everything was dreamy and romantic and full of promise.

In the future, I will possibly wear this fragrance layered with another fragrance, another summery one, such as Beach by Bobbi Brown. Just to recapture one more memory,and just to remember what it is like to fall in love for the first time."

Now, don't you want to give me a balloon for effort? 
I am doing this to not feel pain at the moment, to be honest.

Anyone who has perfume samples (those little glass vials) even half empty, if you want to mail them to me at any point, I would love some. Men's fragrances welcome too.
All you have to do is email me and I will give you my address. If you don't have any, that is OK!
If you don't want to, that is OK too! I am just not certain I can do this if I can't get out to a department store and test smell that way. I sure as heck don't want to spend all our money on PERFUME!

Have a Lovely, Merry Christmas and thanks for reading this!



flyingbeader said...

Wow, what a perfect thing to review...I myself love their Iris scent....and PSYCH! My favorite show...can't wait for Shawn & Gus to entertain me with their hijinks

Jean said...

Iris is really chic-- you have great taste! Is it spelled Shawn? I thought about that for at least 5 minutes!!! Thanks! xox jean

Joan Tucker said...

Jean, I am going to search for samples for you. I love this new perfume thing of yours. You are so very able to model how to transcend stuff I love you for it Joan T

Jean said...

Oh Joan!!! I love you for this!!!
I just finished another one and was going to post it here for fun!!! xoxox you are so sweet!
love , jean!

Ralonda said...

When my my mother was released into hospice I was charged with cleaning her things out of her bathroom and bedroom. In her bathroom window- next to a voodoo doll (no kidding) was a black perfume jar with a tassel on the lid. It smelled awful inside! Come to find out that is where she poured the remains of ALL the dead perfume bottles. Who in the heck knows why! But I still have that bottle because she always smelled good, and looked like a million bucks- even wearing a sweatsuit!

Jean said...

Oh Ralonda, that is a very sweet and loving story.
xoxoxox!!! jean