Monday, December 17, 2012

The excitement of working for Digital Beading Magazine, as expressed by jean yates

Our new e magazine, Digital Beading Magazine, is available for purchase now!

My editor Kelly said something on Facebook about it being "a bit like having a baby"...and she is right!
And so I am picturing myself this morning as one of the fairy godmothers. Perhaps you would enjoy envisioning me tottering in, in my highest hot pink Swarovski encrusted stilletto heels, my tulle ballet skirt swathed in pink clouds and stars, and my happiest, most joyful aura. On my best hair day, if you don't mind. I wave my chic armful of bangles (yes, pile on the bangles and watches, it's even more hip in 2013 than 2012, if possible!!!). Then I say in my tinkling, bell-like voice, 
" I bestow upon YOU, oh sweet Digital Beading Magazine, many many gifts! Most of them you already got from your mother, like your great beauty and your humor and your brilliance. Therefore, I give you the gift of , uh...well Kelly already gave you everything! Geesh! What the heck?  Uh... So I guess I shall give you the gift of having ME love you, and having me be willing to knock myself out to add anything Kelly wants, when and if she wants it, darling Digital Beading Magazine! Why? Well that is simple! Because you rock the house!!!"
And then I make my departure out the nearest window (well, not great at finding the door in this Louis XVI style bauble of a baby-magazine room I have visualized) and fly away until I am needed, ever ready to be needed, because I LOVE MY JOB.

Yes indeed Kelly worked so hard, and put so much effort into this stunner of a magazine. I went to sleep happy last night, because I got my copy, and it is perfectly beautiful, seamlessly cohesive, brilliantly hip, and DIVINE FLAT OUT FUN! What a holiday gift for yourself or your friends! You have to get it!!!

As I wrote on LinkedIn this morning, adjusting my profile to bring it into the present:

"I have the honour to work with my editor Kelly, with whom I previously worked (and had fun with!) at the hard copy magazine, Australian Beading Magazine. That was a great experience.  However THIS is truly an absolutely sublime experience! We can reach our audience instantly!  Our readers are getting the coolest, most beautiful, trendiest, and most classic jewellery designs, AS they are happening. That is what is so magnificent and exceptional about an e magazine!  Digital Beading Magazine carries nothing but the best.  We offer no one but the greatest designers and jewellery bead crafters, You will see familiar and highly respected names, with tutorials and hyperlinks directly to their shops or sites. At times you will get awesome jewellery book reviews as well.
You will want to follow our progress, I assure you! I just read the first issue through from front to back TWICE. I was bowled over and thoroughly delighted with the entire premiere debut issue!
It came out Dec. 16th with great, much deserved fanfare!.
You can check it out on Facebook under Digital Beading Magazine to see what we are up to.

Of all the creative things I have ever participated in in my life, this is right up there at the top, concerning joy in making beauty and joy in learning new things.
I wonder if you can tell how totally up for this I am! There is good reason to be. It is a GREAT and innovative magazine and a piece of art in and of itself! 
I am super excited to be part of this! I have my editor to thank for that! She is one of the best!"

And I meant every word. You have to see this magazine to believe it! Digital Beading Magazine is a jewellery e magazine to swoon for!!! In fact it is THE SWOONIEST!

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Becky Pancake said...

Awesome Jean. So glad for you. The necklace at the top of your post is exquisite.