Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wow--I am a perfume reviewer, just like that

Sometimes I cannot believe my good fortune! As I sit here, typing this, I  acknowledge and affirm to you that I have metamorphosed into a perfume reviewer just today, and boy do I smell GOOD!
As a member of, the awesomest perfume reviewing website in the world

... take a look at this site's stats as I type this!
Perfumes: 17001
Fragrance Reviews: 248670
Perfume lovers: 307984
Members online: 267
Guests online: 819,

so yes, the awesomest perfume reviewing website in the world, in my opinion, I managed to get my hands on my first sample of THIS!(see below) The Enchanted Forest by The Vagabond Prince. I reviewed it ( that is quite daunting to do, because most of the people who review there are far more experienced than I am) right away, seeing as it came out JUST today and is available only at one fragrance boutique in Paris, as you will see below, until after the holidays and through January.
Let me tell you the sillage on this perfume is great.
Haha! You have to look that up! Well I figure most of you do! I would have had to, a week or so ago.I night still need to look it up. hmmm. I had better look it up.
Anyway, quite seriously, there are top notes, middle notes, and base notes to perfumes. Perfumes tell a story, the way they first smell when you put them on, later when they have dried yet remain  holding their most distinct scent as they fragrance your particular body, and even later as they are but a dream of a dream you had.
In case you don't read French, this scent is in the "fruit" category. This is because there is a distinct aroma of cassis, or black currant, in this perfume. However, wildly sensuously, there are also the smells of pine and balsam, coriander, vanilla, and patchouli, as well as musk in this perfume. It is supposed to be unisex but I found it incredibly feminine.
If I could put this in my "pannier"(French for basket) right this second, and get to have this, to wear every day, I WOULD.
I haven't loved anything this much since II used to wear Fleurs de Rocaille by Caron when I was 13, and Coco by Chanel when I was 30.
It makes me delirious with delight! I truly do feel as if I am in an Enchanted Forest when I am wearing this.
And...I love being a perfume reviewer!--jean

PS: there is a website from which I received my sample:

Enchanted Forest(The Vagabond Prince)

catégorie : Fruités

note :

description :

Enchanted Forest s’inspire de l’immensité des forêts russe, des contes de fées, ainsi que de la plus ancienne célébration Slave nommée Kupala, enracinée dans des moments d’obscurité lorsque la Terre connu son âme et son nom.

Le parfumeur français, Bertrand Duchaufour, a construit la fragrance autour du cassis, odeur et goût particulièrement appréciés en Russie et dans de nombreux pays où il pousse.
Notes de Tête : poivre rose, aldhydes, orange, fleur de cassis, feuille de cassis, aubépine, romarin, davana
Notes de cœur : absolu de bourgeon de cassis ( LMR – Grasse), CO2 cassis ( Floral concept – Grasse), graines de coriandre de russie, chèvrefeuille, rose, œillet, vétiver.
Notes de fond : Opoponax, benjoin du Siam, Ambre, mousse de chêne, absolu de sapin, Patchouli Purecoeur®, absolu de castoréum, notes de cèdre, vanille, musc.



Prix : 140,00 € TTC / Volume : 100 ml

OOOO La la!  J'adore The Enchanted Forest by The Vagabond Prince as much as Proust adored the smell of Madeleines.
It gets me rght in my heart and my soul!

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