Wednesday, December 26, 2012

You probably thought I was going to lose interest in reviewing fragrances, but I haven't

First of all, I don't read other people's reviews when I write mine. I usually use  some sort of personal story to interest (hopefully) the readers of the review and get them engaged , or I "free associate" while writing.
I think I really got a good hook  with this one--check it out and you will hopefully agree.

The Aquolina Pink Sugar
Scarlett O'Hara Hook, by jean

Ok, so she's holding a rag and not a fan. So sue me.

Your Review
I have owned Aquolina's Pink Sugar since it first launched. I have worn it on a regular basis, and here is why: because I enjoy the smell on myself!
This is one I don't wear for "other people".
However, no one has ever said "Ugh! You smell really awful!"
On the contrary, I have gotten compliments on this scent frequently.
Oddly, though, I do not fit the demographic for this fragrance in any way.

I am what would be considered "wayyyyy too old" to be wearing this.

As I do not wear it to please other people, as I have stated,I do not put a lot of thought into why they like it on 61 year old ME, unless they are perceptive enough to see the 16 year old me underneath!

I do not smell like a burnt cookie wearing this. I think I smell fresh, sweet, clean and not at all cloying.

I can picture Scarlett O'Hara wearing this at her "house party" in the opening scene of that great film, Gone with The Wind. It is a bit flirty in a "who me?" sort of way. As a fragrance, it is a bit assertive. It isn't in the least bit needy.
Question: Who among you knows how to properly open a fan with one flick, and look up at your partner, all doe eyed and with fluttering lashes as you fan yourself?
You don't know how?
Get a pretty fan, and go to Youtube to the tutorials, and LEARN, Pink Sugar girl! ;)

Stay tuned for reappearances of Scarlett O'Hara as she makes her way through the ups and downs of that epic tale. I have figured out every single scent which would suit her for each iconic scene in that movie. Including the final scene with Rhett Butler. But I am not giving it away just yet. It is way too much fun!
Thanks for reading!