Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Great New Videos from Nina Designs, Jewelry making Lessons in Video Form from the fabulous design and component store--Nina Designs

Happy Valentine’s from your friends at Nina Designs!
Nina Cooper
Nina Designs Ltd.
I received an email with some exciting news from Nina Designs
It included THREE new jewelry making videos from this wonderful store,
which makes unique components and offers amazing charms,
lovely gemstones and pearls, chain and more. 
Really high quality service is also very much appreciated by me,
and at Nina Designs you get that.
I have decided to post the email, but just show you one of the three videos
 which I was presented with in the email.
Sign up for their emails, and start looking for beauty heading for your inbox!
Beauty that you can make, with the assistance of the team at Nina Designs!
best wishes, jean

here is the video , active!

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