Tuesday, August 26, 2014

review by Jean Baldridge Yates of The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making, 2nd Edition, by Tammy Powley

Review by Jean Baldridge Yates of

The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making,
2nd Edition,

by Tammy Powley

It is not surprising that this fun and well put together book has been issued in a second edition. The author of The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making, 2nd Edition is one of the most well known American teachers of jewelry making. Tammy Powley has offered the reader a fine collection of all kinds of jewelry to make. The line up is suitable for new designers as well as experts. The book is heavy and packed with great projects (45 of them). Many are new for this edition. The resin category has been updated as has the polymer clay section, for example.
It is great to see a new twist on many, many designs. Update to the second edition--it's great!

The most amazing thing is the wonderful combination of beautiful photos and nice clear instructions. Whether the reader is soldering, knotting pearls, wire wrapping or trying mixed media for the first time, this is the go to book to own and use as a very thorough reference guide.

This big beautiful book has over seven hundred photos, as it says on the cover. It truly is a labor of love by Ms. Powley. More that that, however, it is a totally wonderful offering for anyone who wants an excellent overview of all kinds of methods of jewelry making.
The forty five projects are really great. The techniques taught will take you on a journey which offers endless possibilities. It is a very satisfying adventure to read and use The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making,2nd Edition. There is so much to learn. It is taught simply yet with tons of engaging energy by Tammy Powley.

The format of the book goes as follows. After an introduction by Ms. Powley, there is a section on Basics, and one on General Jewelry-Making Tools. These are followed by another overview, this one concerning Jewelry Findings. The photos really make these sections outstanding and the thoroughness gets the reader ready for the body of the book.
Each section which follows has its own tools and supplies list as well as specific techniques.
Then come the projects. There are ten of these sections, all nicely complete and clear. They range from Bead Stringing, to Metal Clay, to Resin, and more. There are four to five projects, all very pretty and appealing, to try in each section.
For example, if you decide you want to try polymer clay, you will be reading the basics and techniques. These are excellent for assisting anyone, newcomer or person familiar with polymer clay.
Up next come the projects. I liked the "Lava Lamp Pendant" which has a retro appeal yet is hip enough for everyone to enjoy. It uses the following polymer clay techniques: Conditioning, Rolling an Even Log, Rolling a Slab, and Finishing. The colors are Turquoise, Brilliant Azul, and Translucent. It makes a bright yet soft comment when set, as it is, wired with a Swarovski Elements cube in aurora borealis, attached to a silver chain.
The blues are swirled together and the project is suitable for a beginner. I think it is very charming and very unique.
It is typical of what you will find in  The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making, 2nd Edition.
Tammy Powley has produced what should become yet another leader in jewelry technique making reference guides.
This book has it all, and more!
There is a new gallery to inspire the reader, as well.

The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making, 2nd edition  is a super book for anyone who needs a reference book (it has everything all in one place!), or for a new jewelry maker who wants to get to know her way around all kinds of jewelry as she gradually studies the ins and outs of the techniques of each type of jewelry design.
This book is a real inspiration for any reader.
With beautiful designs backed up by a solid teaching background, Tammy Powley has hit another home run with this excellent teaching and design book. You can't go wrong if you purchase this great book for yourself or for a gift!


Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Hi Jean, I have the 1st edition of this book and was looking for a excuse to buy the new one. You've given me several!

As usual, you've written the most thorough and helpful review anywhere!

Cherie Burbach said...

Wonderful review! Sounds like an interesting read that also works well as a reference book.