Thursday, September 17, 2015

a leather and bead necklace by jean

I made this pretty necklace today. It was so easy to make; just sliding knots on leather cord, with a lovely ceramic bead by Joan Tucker!
Note: Joan can be found here as well as here  for poetry.

I enjoy working with knots. I also like putting fun combinations of materials together and seeing what happens. It is like working with a chemistry set when you are a kid, except making a knotted cord necklace is not quite as dramatic as nearly blowing up the family basement. Yes, of course we did that!
These two beads I used clearly liked each other. I think it is because the crystal by Swarovski is a copper shadow color. It isn't that evident in the photos, which I took late in the afternoon (hey guys! That is when the light is worst! Of course I take my photos then!!!). However, in real, the crystal definitely flatters the awesome dust brown tone in the coin by Joan.
Dear Joan, where is your website these days? I would love to update the link I have on here for you. Thanks!

I was so interested in making a collage that would do justice to this simple but lovely necklace that I spelled Baldridge wrong in the signature. "Accept no substitutes!"

Hah! My cousins should get a kick out of that: that is the way they spell their name for real!

I hope you like the necklace!



Joan Tucker said...

Jean, Charming necklace; I am no longer making and selling beads; through our Off Center Productions. We do still have tons in cases though. Lana is working full time at Evergreen State College and I am painting, taking art classes and caring for Zoe the Havanese pup. I love everything you design and always delight in your quirky reviews and posts. Your creativity seems rolling again and I applaud that.. our web site is
and still for poetry.

Hugs, Joan T

Jean Baldridge Yates said...

Thank you Joan, I am honored that you stopped by! I am delighted to have both these links, as well! xox jean