Friday, September 25, 2015

Beadbloggers and photos by jean of her Blythes wearing darling new flouncy dresses by The Crafty Princess, Tammy Powley

Three of my fave girls are modeling crocheted dresses by Tammy Powley today. I knew they would  look SO cute in these flouncy, flirty dresses, complete with appliques, a headband and two adorable crocheted barrettes (they are in there--just not easy to see in this photo!) that I had to drop everything and photo them as soon as I received them from Tammy.Thank you Tammy, you are amazingly talented! We love these and think you should make tons and tons for all the Blythe fans out there. As you know we can never get enough cool clothes for our girls!!! 
Pictured: left to right:
Regina by Moon Rouge (a custom Fancy Pansy BL with a Licca Body)
Liath by Zaloa's Studio (a custom Cinnamon Girl BL) 
Riski, by Cindy Sowers (a custom FBL)
Thank you again, Tammy, we love these!!!--jean xox

collage "Ask me to dance, please!"


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