Saturday, November 14, 2015

My spoon arrived from Lori Anderson!

I love this spoon, altered by Maire Dodd and sent to me by Lori. I am so happy that things are getting better for her. Here is my spoon, with the box closed and a sweet note from Lori!

and here is my spoon is all its beauty, below!
How much do I adore this! It is beautifully hammered and there is a tiny piece of rose quartz, the stone which represents Love, wire wrapped and tied to the spoon, which is vintage. Even the box is glorious!  Thank you, dear Lori!
Here is Lori's site:
and here is her Lemon, Sugar, Hold the Lyme site
so you can catch up on all the news!
Here is what I wrote when I initially won this fantastic symbol of friendship and love;

Thank you again, Lori, you are a completely uplifting person! 
xox, jean

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Lori Anderson said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I ordered a carton of those boxes (and ones for earrings) in the thought years ago that I would do GLAAAAMOUROUS stuff that needed a box like that. Um, nope. It's been perfect for spoons, though!