Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jean reviews Jeweler's Enameling Workshop Techniques and Projects for Making Enameled Jewelry by Pauline Warg

The introduction by the author explains a lot about what sort of person is interested in enameling. For example, Pauline Warg recalls her childhood experiments with a toy called a "Trinket". It was an enameling kit given to her by a relative. 

She goes on to explains her later love of Rene Lalique and Plique-à-jour while she was in college. 

She became a metalsmith and jeweler.

If you are curious about the art of enameling on metal, definitely consider Jeweler's Enameling Workshop, Techniques and Projects for Making Enameled Jewelry
One of the things which it has to offer is the most up-to-date section on Enameling Basics, short of taking a class. This means that the reader will garner all the information he or she needs to get started safely on the process of enameling on metal. It is imperative that you have a good teacher for this. Pauline Warq is experienced and very clear concerning the chemistry, tools, work area set up and supplies, health concerns, firing and enameling techniques, and troubleshooting. This section alone is ten full pages. The reader will be treated to some very pretty photos as well.
The projects follow this. There are twenty of them. Each of them will have a notation concerning what sort of enameling techniques are being used. For example, "The Bezel-Set Cloissionee Ring" has the notation that the reader will be utilizing wet-packed kiln fire to make this piece. These notations are very specific and helpful.
The reader will be offered both torch-fired and kin-fired projects Shape and color are both emphasized in this book. Shape-wise, there are crescents, ovals, leaves, shields, squares with holes in the middle, circles, and more. The colors are very pretty and include green, red, blue, lime, citron, lavender, teal, and more.Don't miss that knockout of a dotted bangle bracelet which is made of sterling silver and fine silver as well as beatiful enamel. Expect to be challenged if you try that one, but it is worth your time! You can see it on the cover of the book.
After the projects, the reader will get a great overview of Jewelry-Making Tips & Tricks which will assist even more in the understanding of how to use Jeweler's Enameling Workshop  Techniques and Projects for Making Enameled Jewelry  by Pauline Warg.
The author does mention that you might want to take a class on soldering, here. The tips follow. They are very helpful. They explain a lot of techniques the reader will find useful. Finally, there are some excellent templates offered.As the reader has already learned how to make a template in the "tips" section, this is great.
There is a lot to this book, Jeweler's Enameling Workshop  Techniques and Projects for Making Enameled Jewelry  by Pauline Warg. It is a serious work (although written with great enthusiasm), and not for dilettantes. You have to really want to learn to make enameled jewelry. If you do, you will be rewarded by some lovely pieces and a good understanding of what you are doing and how to do it.
After that, you'll be able to learn even more on your journey as a enamel worker and metalsmith, thanks to Ms. Warg.

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