Monday, April 11, 2016

Jean reviews: More Lovely Knitted Lace Contemporary Patterns in Geometric Shapes by Brooke Nico

Get your needles ready! This easy to understand, very pretty book is organized by overall shape. You will be knitting projects which are circular, square, triangular, and rectangular. All of the projects are fun and stunning. There are capelets, sweaters, tunics, and cowls. Remember that they are contemporary in design and you've got the idea of what to expect from this new book by wonderful Brooke Nico!
The photography in More Lovely Knitted Lace is extremely vivid and appealing. There are photos with models wearing the projects as well as closeup photos, photos which show sections of what you will be knitting, and more. The colors in this book are beautiful. They make it great for a gift book for your favorite knitter, if you can bear to give it away. Get two instead and keep one for yourself!
The contents begin with an introduction by the author. She gives an overview of lace knitting, welcoming the reader into this fascinating world. This is followed by an explanation of why she has chosen the projects she has (there is even a lace knit dress to be found in this book)! The introduction helps the reader to understand what to expect further on.
Then the reader will learn what she needs to know concerning the basics. A note on yarn, gauges, techniques and more are found here. I wouldn't say this book is for beginners, however there are skill level notations from one to four for the projects.
After this comes the selections of projects under their basic geometrical shapes: circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles.
In the author's preface to the section on circles, she discusses the complexities and difficulties of showing off the circular shape to the best advantage in lace knitting. Then she proceeds to blow you out of the water with her gorgeous designs, Even the simple "Aria Gauntlet" wristlets are amazing and incredibly feminine. The beauty of lace knitting is evident in every project in this chapter. Her selections of colors in yarns will call to you, too, even if you have never knit a thing previously.
The triangle chapter will show off an assortment of accessories to great advantage. It also includes a charming raglan sweater ("Montauk") which has touches of lace in paneled sections. You will be knitting adorable tams using the pattern from the triangle section as well. I predict that suddenly you are going to realize that you have a whole lot more friends than you thought you did!
The square shape turns up masses of variations. One of the ones I preferred is the "Keira wrap", a cowl in baby pink using cashmere, silk and merino wools. With brighter pink buttons on one side, and the option to wear it as a stole stretched down over the shoulders, this project is truly flexible and fun.
One of the more difficult projects in the book is in this chapter. It has the drama which you may be looking for and is called the "Wanderlust" shawl. This must be seen to be appreciated.
It is Wow-Beauty in all its aspects.
Rectangles finish up the book. As the author says, we all begin knitting by knitting rectangles (scarves!). She then explains that although this shape is easy, it will be taken to the next level in this chapter. Once you see the "Primrose Tunic", a skill level 3 of 4 project, you will understand what she means. This doesn't look like a scarf in any way. In fact, it is a flowering lace motif in a variety of soft pastel colors created of mohair/silk. I love this divine creation. In case you are concerned, it has a chart, it has a schematic, and it has all the rows written out as well.You will be seeing this type of careful instructing throughout the book.
At the very end you will find knitting abbreviations, yarn weights, and a knitting needle size chart.
At the back of this book, you are urged to "break out of the traditional lace knitting mold"!
More Lovely Knitted Lace Contemporary Patterns in Geometric Shapes by Brooke Nico truly reaches out to the reader, takes her by the hand and accomplishes this breakout with her amazing, original designs and her elegant instructions. What a book!

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Eileen Bergen said...

Sounds like a fun book. The cover scarf is lovely. Thanks, Jean.