Friday, May 13, 2016

Beadbloggers and photos of a Blythe and some Blythe jewelry by Jean

I have finally begun watching Game of Thrones on HBO GO--which means I started at the very beginning. At the moment I am on Season 3. I love it as much as most of you do, so don't send any spoilers my way--I want to be surprised! 
Because of this interest, I made some Blythe jewelry for fun. I dressed Liath, a custom by Zaloa 27 you have seen here before, in a pretty thing I made--I don't sew so it is primarily "artfully draped".
The jewelry is made from aventurine chips, a chunk of turquoise and bronze nuggets to give a sufficiently wild look, I hope! Fun!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You're hooked now! We don't have HBO, so I'm not watching the current season. Will binge-watch at the end of June.

Jean Baldridge Yates said...

hahaha! I never thought I would be this attached to a tv show. What to do??? I want to grow OLD with these characters!