Friday, May 20, 2016

Beadbloggers and photos of Blythes by Jean

Maggie May...

This girl above, whom I have named Maggie May, is my first "faux Blythe". She is a cheap fake! They are known by many names, and they flood eBay. Basically what they are is cobbled together parts and pieces of Blythes which are actually from real Blythes, or, alternatively dolls which have been made from taking a mold of a Blythe (therefore they are not quite the proper size). I got this one because I used to have a real Gentle River (GR). Mine looked like this: 
I took the photo above for a magazine in Australia I was writing a column for. I made the Peace necklace and dressed her in my own choice of clothing. I never would have sold her, but I needed the money. The Gentle River is one of the top Blythes, popularity-wise and --  expensive? You bet. I miss Gwenny (my real GR) but am happy to have Maggie May--she is good enough for me!--jean



Tammy said...

Your new doll is super cute, and she is sure very close to GR! I love both the fakes and real ones. I seem to go back and forth. One minute, I swear I won't buy another fake one and will stick to the real ones, but then I see a cute fakie and change my mind. Then I think, why pay so much more for the real one? But, then I see a real one that so adorable, ack! Vicious cycle!

Jean Baldridge Yates said...
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Jean Baldridge Yates said...

Tammy, a year from now, I am going to ask you how many you have collected--you are not going to BELIEVE IT! These dolls--people either think they are weird or they ADORE them! I loved mine from day one :)
xox jean