Friday, June 24, 2016

Beadbloggers and photos of a Blythe

Did you know my first interest in photography was when I was 16. I learned to develop, print and put together a portfolio at that age, when I was in school. I had a private teacher because I had chosen to do this for my independent study project. I used a camera which was my instructor's: an Olympus Pen D. You have to be my age to know what one of those is!
I stopped photographing when digital photography rolled in, because I didn't understand it. Initially, a digital camera was very expensive, as well. This is a huge disappointment to me now because it would have been so great to get those wonderful shots of my beautiful kids, as so many young parents have now!
I am terrible with my cell phone but I am working on it! It is why I wanted to upgrade my cell phone in the first place.

These photos are simply shots taken with my dependable Canon Powershot--it has a high enough DPI to suit me (after working with magazines I understand why this is important), and I get it.
This pictures are of Regina, who is a custom by Moon Rouge, my dear friend. Regina is wearing a dress and headband with scotties by Fae, Pomme Pomme on Etsy. Fae is in Tokyo for the Blythecon taking place there.  How exciting!  Here is the link: 
Regina has a scottie with her--a little dog from my original Bow Wow Trad Blythe--get it? Scotties all over!!! --  jean

Moon Rouge make the most gorgeous eye chips!  :)


Beading Arts
Cyndi experiments with using the new albion stitch to add beads to objects. It's easy, fast, and fun!

Snap out of it, jean! There's beading to be done!
Jean reviews a soon to be released book with an original twist: Manga Origami!

Make It, Wear It
Crafty Princess vlogs about how jewelry designers need to wear their own jewelry designs.

Custom Size Card How-to 
Don't feel locked into the size or proportions of a card layout that you're fond of. How to easily create custom size card using mockups.

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