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Jean reviews Cool Copper Cuffs 25 Metal and Wire Projects by Eva M. Sherman

Cool Copper Cuffs 
25 Metal and Wire Projects 
by Eva M. Sherman

If you have a bit of  a wild streak, but your insistence on impeccably designed and properly constructed jewelry holds strong, you will love this new book by Eva M. Sherman. As everyone knows, copper is a wonderful metal to work with, especially when you learn from a teacher like this author! It is indeed extremely hip looking. And as the author says in her introduction, "The warmth and economy that copper offers are just a couple of reasons I love working with this versatile metal. As an added bonus, all of these cuffs can be made in silver or brass, or any other combination of non-ferrous metals.The myriad combinations are left only to the reader's imagination." Very true!

This book begins with a Basics section, which covers metals and tools you will require for the projects. It continues with a really nice Techniques section which has everything you will need to know to use this book properly (and to go on to use other books or to make your own projects).

Then come three chapters of full-on artwork cuffs, each chapter covering a different type.
Chapter 1 concerns "Wire Cuffs". There are eight of them. I think you can get an idea of the charm and brilliance of the author by the titles of some of the cuffs, for example: "The Perfect Storm", "Gypsy Woman", and "Calder Cuff". The "Perfect Storm" is going to begin your love affair with Cool Copper Cuffs right off the bat. As the description says, "Create consistency out of chaos with a freeform wire-wrapping technique! This design leave a lot of room for interpretation." This gorgeous cuff has a large oval focal bead with copper wire encircling it. It is embedded in the surrounding entwining wire which curls indeed in a perfectly stormy manner (yes, in that book, as you may recall, there was a center to the storm) and it's perfectly beautiful.
Another project from Chapter 1 which I really like is "From the Ruins of Pompeii". This one has a terrific ammonia fume patina which is then sealed. It is curvy and mysterious and looks like you might have found it on a dig, hence the name. Very pretty!

Chapter 2  is simply called "Metal Cuffs". I fell over flat when I saw the "Corset Cuff" in this chapter. It is fabulous and totally fun. The author calls it "Edwardian", and it is, however those of us who are die-hard Steampunk lovers will also be attracted to this amazing cuff. Another delightful cuff from this chapter is the "Margarita Cuff" which has enchanting and colorfully colored Swarovski Margarita beads wired on, adding some glint and sparkle to the design of the cuff.

Chapter 3 covers projects with both sorts of cuffs: it is titled "Metal&Wire Cuffs". I exclaimed out loud when I saw the first offering. It is titled "Bezel Wire Cuff" and uses riveted bezel wire to create a twisting and turning adornment on the cuff's base. The author says, "Create dramatic texture using bezel wire! Remember: there are no mistakes, only happy accidents." What a cool cuff. Later on in Chapter 3, you will see an eye-catching cuff for a bead lover. If you like borosilicate beads, for example, try "A Ribbon Runs Through It". It is a cuff which features a flow of copper winding along aside a flow of beads. It is perfectly meditative in a way.

I found Cool Copper Cuffs, 25 Metal and Wire Projects, by Eva M. Sherman to be a very inspiring and exciting book. If you are interested in working with copper (or other non-ferrous metals, as she mentions) and like the look of cuffs (who doesn't?) try this wonderful new book. It is super!

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