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Bead Play with Fringe, Techniques, design and projects, by Jamie Cloud Eakin, reviewed by jean baldridge yates

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Bead Play with Fringe, 
Techniques, design and projects, 
by Jamie Cloud Eakin

Bead Play with Fringe by the wonderful teacher and beadworker, Jamie Cloud Eakin, shows you right off the bat that there is plenty of new fun to be had if you are ready to focus your attention on working (and playing!) with fringe when you bead.
The author focuses specifically on fun with fringe in this, her brand new book. It is a very appealing way of looking at beading. She leaves no fringe technique behind as she elegantly and eloquently expresses what can be done with the many styles of fringe.
Jamie Cloud Eakin begins with a supply chapter, which is followed by "Fringe Basics". This chapter is very helpful as it not only discusses construction of the fringe (with great photos), it discusses how to attach it to the beadwork. It helps the reader see how simple the technique can be, and at the same time it is clear how essential this advance knowledge is.

Once the reader has finished reading these two initial chapters, he or she is ready to jump right in to Jamie Cloud Eakin's world of fun with fringe. Every chapter is simply presented, yet completely lovely and beautiful. Jamie Cloud Eakin is a beloved superstar in the beading world, and with good reason. She is one of the great experts in beadwork.
The concept of teaching how to work with fringe is very original and definitely tons of fun. Why shouldn't beadwork be fun? As well, the projects included truly amp up the enjoyment. They are flat out gorgeous.

It is easy to love this original and totally fun book! Look at "Ribbon Spiral Fringe", as an example of heady and charming bead play. It is irresistible and beautifully designed, as are all of the projects.

As the reader peruses Bead Play with Fringe, it becomes more and more evident that play and learning are perfect partners. As the introduction says, "Beads... beads... Beads ...! Often the best case is the more the merrier and there is nothing like adding beaded fringe to create the maximum "WOW" effect".

It is easy to agree with that quote after taking a look at Bead Play with Fringe. You will fall in love with the method of teaching and the fun you will get to enjoy while learning from this expertly presented and beautifully written and designed book. The photos and tech drawings are wonderful as well.

Chapters 3 through 7 are all about different types of fringe. These include Standard, Loop, Kinky, Branch, as well as Twisted and Spiral Fringes.
Then there is a chapter on Basic Procedures. There is a gallery to delight, as well as an index and a section about the author. Bead Play with Fringe finishes with acknowledgements.

Bead Play with Fringe, Techniques, design and projects, by Jamie Cloud Eakin is definitely a one of a kind book. It will delight the reader with a new way of learning,
Jamie Cloud Eakin is a wonderful artist and teacher. This, her new book, will add learning, fun, and complete enjoyment to any beader's library! It is definitely a permanent treasure for your collection of beading books.


Unknown said...

Jean I always love to read your book reviews. Unfortunately, I can't buy every one, even though you totally have captured my interest in each one, and for different reasons.

I own others by Jamie, and love her work.

This one will also be added to my list......

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Another wonderful review, Jean. "She leaves no fringe technique behind" - too funny.

You're right - play is the best way to learn anything. We tend to lose some of the joy of learning once we start a formal education.