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review by jean baldridge yates of DIY WRAP BRACELETS, 25 designs using beads, thread, charms, ribbon, cord and more, by Keiko Sakamoto

25 Designs using beads, thread, charms, ribbon, cord and more

by Keiko Sakamoto

Wrap bracelets can be a lovely expression of your personal style.
Why buy a pre-made bracelet, at prices ranging up to $300.00, when you can learn how to make them yourself?

The bracelets (along with necklaces, earrings, and rings to match, at times) from the comprehensive book, DIY WRAP BRACELETS, by Keiko Sakamoto, will encourage your imagination and guide you on your journey as you learn to create your own wrap bracelet.

No matter what your style, Keiko Sakamoto has you covered. You will find twenty five different styles of wraps in this wonderfully comprehensive book.
They range from the very simple to more complex.
The author employs a number of materials to vary the creations she offers. In DIY WRAP BRACELETS, you will find not only leather cord bracelets, but designs employing rhinestone chain with chiffon, braided linen cord, woven fabric, and more.
She explains how to make a bracelet which can also be worn as a necklace, and gives directions for pretty earrings as well.

The projects range from sophisticated to casual chic. None of them are too difficult to attempt.

"Simple Wrap Bracelets" are the ones to try first if you love the wraps and need a place to start your learning without frustration.

I suggest reading the overview first. In it you will find included "Square Bead Wrap Bracelets" (these are leather, and use the very hip Tila beads), "Nautical Wrap Bracelets" (these are knotted bead bracelets with charms, and can also be worn as necklaces), the "Sparkling Chiffon Bracelet and Necklace", and the "Simple Wrap Bracelet", which is a lot like the square bead wrap but uses colorful and pretty round Czech glass beads to compliment the leather cords and button.
This last one is the one you may be thinking of when you first think "wrap bracelet".

But there is so much more to this book! It has a treasure trove of styles!

Try the "Braided Friendship Bracelets". They are adorable. They are shown in two color palettes. One bracelet charms the eye with pink, light blue,blue, coral and hot pink, and the other delights with ivory, light blue, blue, gray and yellow. Each is woven into braids by you, using embroidery thread. They close with buttons. These are fun, pretty, and inexpensive to make. Wear them together or give one to your bestie! Beauty is best when shared.

I was particularly attracted to "The Champagne Pearl Set", which gives instructions for a beautiful three strand bracelet with masses of pearls captured on wrapped beading thread, as well as earrings and ring. It is a fascinating project I can't wait to try.

The "Square Knot Rope Amulets", which feature a focal decorative connector captured by woven waxed linen cord, are super pretty, colorful and easy to learn. Choose your colorways and go to town making a few of these. Then stack them up your wrist for a hip look.
As with all the author's projects, the instructions are thorough and clear.
You will find the charts and diagrams which abound in each chapter easy to understand and very useful.

With DIY WRAP BRACELETS as your guide, you will also be wrapping fabric and wire.
You will be making gemstone nugget bracelets, heishi bead bracelets, and more.
The "Beaded Brooch Bracelet" offered in DIY WRAP BRACELETS is beautiful. For this one, you make a brooch pin encrusted with beads (yes, you can wear the focal alone as a pin). The brooch is even more smashing however as the centerpiece of a bracelet made from black ribbon. Get your groove on with this one! It is very cool.

Keiko Sakamoto is an innovative artist and a fine jewelry designer. As she herself says, "Wrap bracelets are the perfect balance of trendy style and laid-back cool".

If you are as intrigued as I am with beautiful wrap bracelets, get wrapping with her easy and fun book, DIY WRAP BRACELETS, 25 Designs using beads, thread, charms, ribbon, cord and more!

By Keiko Sakamoto
Fons & Porter/F+W; $24.99

I received this book in exchange for my honest review--jean

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