Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What Jean's been doing, Kim Miles and Portland Fashion Week

Having mastered the art of Origami, I have moved on for now. Right!
So lately,
I note this week that
1) The Blood Moon has since passed. I thought about going outside to look at the eclipse, but then I said, "Nah".
After all, I read that this sort of eclipse happens every 24 years or so. Therefore, I will catch it the next time it rolls around. Be there or be square! I'll see you then!
2) I read that they found water on Mars,
3) I then thought, "I wonder if the fact that they found water on Mars is going to screw up the premiere Friday of 'The Martian' with my fave actor, Matt Damon?"

 When you are me, you keep your priorities straight at all times.

4) Then I thought about my friend Kim Miles.
Here is a photo of gorgeous Kim Miles and her hunky husband Rick which I snagged from her blog.
Clearly, they are having a miserable time: #IncrediblyGoodLookingCouple #ClearlyHavingAGreatTime#TrueLoveInPortland

If you read Kim's blog, Positively Vegan, you can catch up on all sorts of things which are fascinating to read about. You can read about really delicious food, and find out about Kim's
Mostly Mandalas website (Kim offers lovely mandalas for you to color).
Right now there is more exciting news, directly from Kim, on the fashion front, as well!
Kim is covering Portland's Fashion Week as it is taking place. Keep an eye on her blog!
As a person from New York, which also has a little Fashion Week of its own, I am very interested in Portland's Fashion Week. I shall be reading Kim's blog regularly and wondering if my style is more like Portland style than NY style, I love New York, but it very well may be that I am more of a Portland fashionista. I can't decide yet, but it is great fun to look, and try and figure it out! I am so glad to learn about it from Kim!

I remember well when Kim's passion was directed toward lamp work beads. Here is a necklace I designed, which I still have, with a Kim Miles' focal bead (and two side accent beads),  I designed this for a book.
It actually went on tour around the country with the book publishers reps, as they were showing the book. I was happy when it came home to me, once again.
If you have ever had a Kim Miles' focal, you rarely want to let it go, for long.
This necklace has a sterling silver double chain with a leaf box clasp, Swarovski Crystal Elements in Emerald AB, grape colored faceted CZ rounds, tiny lime colored CZ rounds, Hill Tribe silver strawberries, berries, and bells, and a beautiful focal by Kim Miles , The focal has a green core on clear, and a flower on the front and on the back. The front facing flower is absolutely stunning with a clear CZ plunged and embedded in it, Scrolls of black accent the the green and violet of the focal. Very fancy and very jingly when you dance.
Here is a closer view of the focal by Kim Miles:
A lot of people were heartbroken when Kim moved on to different interests after years making her ground breaking, transporting beads. I wasn't, because I understood, a bit, where her head was at.
It also helped a LOT that I have, and treasure, a carload of her most beautiful beads. Owning these and cherishing each one helped me through this time of transition.
Kim, a dedicated "beadist"<--her word--did it all in her artistic exploration of every aspect and every nuance of bead making during the time she was creating beads. She was always a leader in the field. She made countless styles of beads. All of them were gorgeous.  She designed each one from her own unique ideas. A look back at her different styles is  mindboggling.

Then Kim decided to change course. She is now a certified Vegan Chef, and is a Vegan Ambassador,
She has had great success in the pursuit of her passion to make the world a healthier and better place by exploring and writing about being Vegan,
I have been thrilled once more by Kim. She doesn't know how positively she has affected my eating habits, from way out there in Portland. However she has and continues to.
Here is to Kim Miles, a really awesome woman and a very amazing person in every way.
Lots of love and hugs to you and Rick, Kim!
Positively Vegan
Taking the Long Way Home
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Kim Miles said...

I'm blushing, Jean! Thank you for this lovely post. Love you!!!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Love you too, dear Kim! xox jean

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

I admire passionate talented people who can move from one art to a pretty unrelated one successfully. It must be a difficult journey when one does that, but the reward if one succeeds is awesome. Congrats to the multi-talented Kim Miles!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Eileen, you said it all! I agree!
xox jean