Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wrap on, Seurat! Learning to make a five wrap bracelet

When I chose this bracelet, "Afternoon Tea", designed by Beckie Ten Eyck, Inspired by Herringbone Wrap by Nicole Anderson  I had never tried to make anything like a full on five wrap bracelet before. I used Beadshop (see link above) as my inspiration and resource before I jumped in with both feet (or rather, both hands). I was psyched and ready to do some weaving using Chinese cord, KO nylon thread, and leather, with gems and crystals.
If you are familiar with wrap bracelets, you may think they often veer to the chic hippie style. I love those, too. I love them all! 
However, "Afternoon Tea" doesn't give that impression, although the earthy camel color which is present brings it down to earth a bit more than if it were all pastel pinks and greens. It has heart (the brown). It is a nice balance of ladylike elegance, general overall elegance, and some sort of elusive moody elegance. With that earthiness thrown in you can't lose.
How could I resist trying it? 
Beadshop packed up the components and materials and shipped them right off to me. Their service is excellent. I always recommend Beadshop to everyone. The people who work there are very friendly and knowledgeable. It is a great resource!  

The lovely colors of fern, jade, soft white (called custard), mint, and camel remind me of the colors  used by Seurat in his painting,"Sunday on La Grande Jette", shown below. But hey! I could be wrong! What do you think? 
Maybe I should make a second wrap bracelet as additional homage to this painting. I think a good choice for that one would be a wrap bracelet in purples, rusts, and deep deep burgundy. Something like that would express the shadowy side of Seurat's masterpiece. I could wear them both together.
Note: I love this painting so much I even have a sweater of it. Yes, I am that weird. 
I don't wear it. I just look at it. 

I will wear this bracelet however, It is very wearable. 

To wrap a 5 wrap using the herringbone pattern is pretty easy. I had the bead board I needed already (you really need one), the snips, and the thread burner (you really need one of those, too). 
It is an "intermediate project" according to Beadshop, Follow their instructions properly, watching their how-to video, and you will be able to do this. 
I love the little crystals, tiny faceted peridot gemstones, and white jade gemstones nestled into the bracelet. They scintillate: little treasures flashing and glinting in the late afternoon, as you hold your teacup, having your tea. 
The button is a rather unique choice by the designer. It suits the design nicely. Pewter buttons, antique silver, brass and ceramic are all used to express a funkier feel. I will be reviewing a book on wrap bracelets next week. I think it is a great style and can update your wardrobe in a snap.
More thoughts on buttons and the 5 wrap:
 The buttons are kind of critical as a design aspect in a wrap bracelet. They act as a focal point. You need something to look at which has the ability to pull it all together or the bracelet is all over the place. As a wrap bracelet is a relaxed design anyway. you don't want that. Get a good button! Get the right button!

I will be wearing this bracelet into early fall. I expect I will wear it through winter and into spring. It is a summery bracelet but will transition well.  
When you make something yourself, you get not only the exact pretty piece of jewelry you wanted,  but you also get to keep the memories of the time when you made it. 
Late summer is such a beautiful time of year. 
I can hardly express how much I love this bracelet. 
Many thanks to Janice Parsons and Beadshop for this great weekend project.


Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Jean, that's the most beautiful wrap bracelet I've seen. Is this the video you refer to?

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Yes it is, Eileen! Thank you so much!
love, Jean