Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jean reviews Beadweaving Beyond the Basics 24 Beading Designs Using Seed Beads, Crystals, Two-Hole Beads and More by Kassie Shaw, Also, a GIVEAWAY of this lovely book!

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Beyond the Basics

24 beading designs using seed beads, crystals,

two-hole beads

and more

by Kassie Shaw

There is an innate elegance to jewelry designs using seed beads. It is always in evidence. For some reason, these tiny beads pack a powerful punch that is undeniable.
In the hands of a master jewelry designer like Kassie Shaw, seed beads can show their perfection to the utmost. Add crystals, two-hole beads, and more to the mix, and you have a winning book which is right up to the minute and tons of lively fun for any beadweaver!
The essence of this beautiful book revolves around the groundbreaking spin the author puts on stitches. This book primarily focuses on mind blowing variations by the author concentrating on Right Angle Weave. However also included as well are Herringbone, Peyote, and St. Petersburg. And buckle in, lefties, she's got you covered, too, with her tips! What a thoughtful teacher! She even offers her email for students who need extra assistance.
When you delve into Beadweaving Beyond the Basics, you get a great opportunity to climb right up to the heights with Kassie Shaw. Ultimately, you'll break  through to the rarest air with this author. She demonstrates clearly and enthusiastically how to master each stitch. Then, she breaks all the rules with terrific finesse, and paves the way for you to do the same, with both ease and sophistication.  
In this book you will find 24 knockout designs, with a gallery you will be gasping over, as well. Every project is exciting and pretty! 
I love Kassie Shaw's positive attitude toward creativity. In her introduction, she says, "My goal in writing this book is not only to teach you, my reader, how to create the pieces I've designed but also to inspire you to discover your own creativity and ideas." What she has stated illustrates her trust in the reader's own abilities to understand and go forward with the treasures which she will be teaching. This kind of trust is very inspiring.
The reader will be introduced to the author's favorite materials, tools and stitches.
Throughout the book, the photos are brilliantly lovely. They will reel you right in as they depict each project.
The tips are great for all the projects, as are the tech illustrations. 
Another thing I really like about Beadweaving Beyond the Basics is that models, including the author's daughter Faith, are so beautifully shown wearing the jewelry in many of the photos. You can see really well how nicely the projects will lie against the skin and more easily imagine them on yourself because of this.

Chapter One is an overview of Double Diamond Right Angle Weave. How fun you will find this! It opens with a Primer on DDRAW (in fact each chapter has its own primer, leading it off).  I loved the sparkling bracelet, "Queen of Diamonds",  in both colorways offered. "Dainty Lace" is another super pretty project, this one a delicate necklace.  
Chapter Two covers Faux Right Angle Weave. You will flip for this stitch! The reader will understand how to use this to great effect with the diagonal treat of a bracelet, the very cool "Fe Fi Faux Fun". It is just a total wow, colorful and chic. This cuff is the first thing I am looking forward to trying my hand at! "Firewheel Daisy" rocks as well, stunning in gold, astral pink and berry colors with a beautiful daisy centerpiece stitched around a volcano rivoli. It is hard to tear your eyes away from this dazzling necklace.

Chapter Three is all about Layered Right Angle Weave. After the excellent primer on LRAW, the reader will be able to try projects such as the "Crystal Inclusion Reversible Bracelet" . The author explains, "When I made my Yo-Yo Reversible Bracelet [shown earlier in this book], I initially planned to hang it on LRAW ropes...however, I decided to use them to create an entirely new piece" This bracelet is that piece. It is exceptionally lovely. It also demonstrates how Kassie Shaw's creative mind works. You benefit by seeing the wonder that is the thinking behind the making of this bracelet. And wait until you see the reverse side of this bracelet--it is glorious!
The "Faux Ribbon Pendant", also offered in this chapter, is a drop-dead seed beading take on Soutache. Don't miss it, in all its drama and liveliness, in two colorways. When I saw this, I totally fell for it.

When you get to the gallery pieces, you are in for a great treat. The photos and the explanations of the techniques used will fire you up even more, if possible.

What an amazing book, by an amazing teacher. I recommend you race for this one. Beadweaving Beyond the Basics, by Kassie Shaw is a beauty! 
Add it to your library and enjoy every minute of it! See it, love it, and make it yourself!


Unknown said...

..learning how to bead is on my bucket list...:)......Donna Shepherd

Unknown said...

..learning how to bead is on my bucket list...:)......Donna Shepherd

Berina RGA said...

I'd love to win this. Thanks for the giveaway.
Moxie Craftie

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Great review, Jean. The photos and jewelry projects are gorgeous!

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Great review! I need this book.

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Can't wait to see this book! Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

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Beading is a passion of mine and I am always trying to learn and more. thank you for the review!

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The serpentine and pearl necklace is fantastic. What a great book and giveaway.
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Good review, well done Jean. Bead weaving is my passion, always looking for inspiration in new designs. Thanks for the opportunity to win this new book.

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I have been bead weaving for a while now and love it. I would really love to win this book so I can advance learning new techniques. Thank you for a chance to win this book.

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i have been playing with beads for most of my life! I've had this book in my amazon wish list, I would love to win a copy.

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What an exciting review! I would so love to have this book and learn Kassie's techniques. What a treat!

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This book would be a wonderful addition to my library. I love bead weaving and would enjoy some new inspiration. Thanks for this giveaway!