Monday, November 30, 2015

Jean reviews Enchanted Knits for Dolls, 25 Mystical, Magical Costumes for 18-inch Dolls by Nicky Epstein

Nicky Epstein has written numerous beautiful bestselling books on knitting. Her designs have also appeared in Vogue Knitting and many other publications. She is internationally known and loved for her marvelous sense of style, her charming designs and her great projects.
Enchanted Knits for Dolls is completely inspiring fun for the reader who loves 18-inch dolls and also loves to knit.
Enchanted Knits for Dolls has stunningly photographed designs for many of the most beloved fairy tale characters. Each design is modeled by an 18 inch doll. If you have a little girl in the family who loves this size doll (or close to it), you and she will be completely entranced while choosing an outfit from this book, What you make will be totally  transporting.
In the author's introduction, which begins "Once upon a Time...", Nicky Epstein explains that in this, her 29th book, the skill levels vary. It is her hope that this will encourage children to begin knitting, as some of the projects are beginner level. So perhaps your daughter or grandchild will even learn to knit from this delightful book!
To look through this book is to return to the time when fairy tales ruled your life. The photographs are exquisite. The designs are amazing and wonderful. There are plenty of pages devoted to each project. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. Each doll pictured is incredibly beautiful in her special gown or outfit. I also liked the project I noted which had a doll and a little girl both modeling the author's knits. How fun!
Additionally, many of my own beloved fairy tales from my childhood appear in this terrific book. For example, the very first doll is dressed as the "Snow Queen", from the Hans Christian Anderson tale which was one of my all-time childhood favorites. She is smashingly dressed in an elegant cape, hat and gown, all trimmed in silver sparkles and snowflakes. It is quite an amazing outfit, and one any child would adore.
"Red Riding Hood" makes an appearance in this book as well. She is dressed in her little red hooded cape and an adorable dress with folkloric trim. She has charming button accents on the front of her dress, and a white apron over red. She couldn't look any cuter photographed with her basket, heading to Grandma's.
If you love magic, don't pass up the "Wonderful Wizard". This outfit consists of a cloak and a peaked hat. Both are edged with furry fluff in a deep blue. The cloak is trimmed with a gold star at the neck and it is knitted of a lovely yarn mix of dark blue and white, with delicate golden stars embellishing it. The hat has the same golden stars, and a crescent moon. This set is dramatic as well as completely adorable.
One set which delights with the fun appeal of lots of color is called "Gnome Girl". What a cheery outfit this is! With pointy red cap and red slippers with curled up toes, this set is heading off for some outdoor garden play. Other colors present to entrance the eye are vivid yellow, lively turquoise, and pretty violet, all tied up with a sweet orange vest, gold buttons, and daisies embroidered on the two front pockets. This is one happy gnome girl!
Looking through this book is like looking through a picture book of wonderful dreams and places for you to visit, any time you and/or your little one wishes to. However, because you can actually knit these elegant and memorable dresses and outfits, it is even better. You become a part of the story.
Fairy tales don't have to lose their gloss when you grow up. They are even more special when you show your love by passing the fairy tales on to your children by knitting their dolls something amazing to wear from Enchanted Knits for Dolls, 25 Mystical, Magical Costumes for 18-inch Dolls by Nicky Epstein, or even by teaching your child to knit, as is the author's hope. Either way, you will be completely enchanted by this amazing and lovely book!

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The doll on the cover is stunning. What a lovely knitted outfit.