Tuesday, November 3, 2015

review by jean of Jewelry Designs with Knitted Wire by Nealay Patel

Jewelry Designs with Knitted Wire, 
Explore the Possibilities
by Nealay Patel

Explore knitted wire in an organic and colorful way!

Jewelry Designs with Knitted Wire, Explore the Possibilities is a totally energizing design book full of surprises and creativity. Author Nealay Patel is a popular designer and instructor well-known for his terrific creativity. One look at this book, and the reader will understand how original and fun trying projects which include knitted wire can be! 

There are thirty-two projects to choose from, each one as beautiful and wild as the next. Color is realized as a major player in design. An organic feel is also strongly evident. As the author says, "I purposely did not sketch too much, in order to keep my projects very spur-the-moment--I think this kept things interesting". It certainly did.
In the introduction, it is explained that there are several lines (or types) of knitted wire, including hollow, flat, capture, and leather. These are all represented in the projects in very inventive ways. Brand new techniques are also applied to knitted wire. Always, the author's great love of beads of all sorts, from seed beads to chunky and funky beads is on display, which is part of the fascination of each project offered. Colorful knitted wire and colorful beads? What could be better!

There is a very clear section on the basics covering what you will need to make the projects. Your tool kit, materials needed, and techniques are all nicely explained. You will be seed beading, stringing, making wire scrolls, and having a blast as you create with knitted wire.

The projects follow. What brilliant takes on necklaces, earrings and bracelets! Get ready for haute, gallery-style designs. Each one of these beauties is jaw-droppingly stunning. The author pulls out all the stops in this exploration of knitted wire. His love of design shines in each project, and beckons to you to jump into the fun. He is a great instructor so there are no worries there, either.  
Try the "Orange Spice" earrings. They are an opulent blend of magenta, orange and sea green beads combined with bronze hollow knitted wire in a punchy, yet airy design which will bring out the flirt in you. Note the cool technique work here: the beads are sewn onto the knitted wire, which is looped into an open drop shape using exposed fluorite colored beading wire. 
If you relate to totally cool designs, there are plenty in Jewelry Designs with Knitted Wire!
I was knocked flat by the "Suncatcher" bracelet. This project scintillates with its color combinations of beads in gold, blue and violet as well as sparkling crystals. The knitted wire base is purple. The design is super pretty and highly textural. In the "tip" included with this project, the author suggests expanding on the instructions to make your own version of a necklace or earrings to go along with the bracelet. Making variations is a great idea for any of the designs, as they are all outstanding.
The "Mighty Rivers" necklace is yet another fascinating and compelling project. Lampwork beads, crystal beads, and seed beads are mixed organically. The palette includes deep beige, sea foam and gray. Lapis colored beading wire is also used along with capture knitted wire in a color called "fall". This exquisite necklace would be perfect worn anywhere. It positively glows!

There is a beautiful little collection in the gallery at the end of the book. However, the projects are just as terrific. 

Knitted wire has been around for a while, but you have never seen anything like this book. If you like to make well designed projects which include great techniques that stretch your creativity, Jewelry Designs with Knitted Wire, Explore the Possibilities is a book you will love having for your jewelry design library. It is completely fresh and one of a kind. This is an elegant, eye catching book.


Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

The designs on the cover are gorgeous. I've never worked with knitted wire and am intrigued by your book review. Thanks, Jean!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Thank you Eileen! It is a lot of fun to work with and this is a wonderful inspiring book!