Friday, January 29, 2016

Beadbloggers and photos by Jean of a Blythe custom, Vesper

Vesper is a gift in every way. She first appeared on my doorstep in December, however she is a September girl, customized by wonderful Amy Artemenko who is known as Zaloa27 on Flickr, where all of us Blythe freaks initially met. It was amazing to me to find so many people all over the world who shared the same hobby: collecting, dressing, and photographing Blythe dolls. 
The originator of this ongoing love is Gina Garan from New York. One of her books, This is Blythe, is on Wikipedia. Both of her books (the other one is called Blythe Style) are available on Amazon. She has published a collection of post cards, too!
In this set of photos Vesper is wearing Moshi girl accoutrements from Pomme- Pomme on Etsy which I got a few years ago. 


Japanese Quilts
The Crafty Princess does a short video review of a beautiful book about Japanese quilts.

Royal Flowers
Cindy stitched up a model of the free Royal Flowers chart which just happens to be a favorite color combo.

Snap Out of It, Jean! There's Beading to Be Done!
Jean reviews a book on a very pretty style of peyote stitch, and it's fast too! Check out Fast Peyote Stitch Jewelry, Easy to Follow Patterns, 25+ Projects by Josie Fabre ! It's lovely!

Tissue Paper Decorated Candle
A tissue paper decorated candle is a quick and easy craft that still looks impressive. How to get perfect results every time using wax paper & a heat gun.

Recycled Guitar String Pendant DIY
The Tappingflamingo shows how she makes guitar string jewelry. This is an easy, fun tutorial that can be made quickly and inexpensively.

Amigurumi Tip 6
Learn some helpful tips about making faces for your crocheted stuff toys.

Beading Arts
The Bead Shop shares an easy Swarovski necklace project to brighten up your winter!

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