Monday, March 28, 2016

Jean reviews Change Your Sauce, Change Your Life ~Easy Plant Based Sauces to Blend, Whisk, and Shake~ from Positively Vegan by Kim Miles

I spent my early years sitting upright on a kitchen stool in the middle of the night writing in my notebook, as I waited for the bread I was baking to rise. When my family awoke in the morning, they would eat both loaves I had made in around five minutes, making strange yummy noises I can recall to this day. We all loved food, but I was "the one who cooked".
I learned to read cookbooks, and to understand simply from reading them, what the combinations of ingredients would taste like, even if I had never made the recipes. I experimented all the time with all kinds of ingredients. It was a hobby and a labor of love.

Now I have read Kim Miles' fantastic and inspirational cookbook, Change Your Sauce, Change Your Life ~Easy Plant Based Sauces to Blend, Whisk, and Shake~ from Positively Vegan by Kim Miles.
This cookbook has something which other cookbooks don't have. It has a truly great cook who offers the reader selections of sauces and salad dressings which really aren't that difficult, and yet are terrifically sophisticated.  I know: remember, I read the books?

The book begins with an introduction which explains some of the reasons why this book was written and how you can enjoy using it, which I intend to do, on a regular basis. I have a son who is vegan, I have a blender, and I am curious! After the introduction come discussions of the equipment and ingredients you will need to use this book. The equipment listing has more clarity than most I have read and makes me wish I had my parents' old Waring Blender still. The ingredients are totally delicious to read about and only occasionally cooly exotic (such as Umeboshi Plum Paste).
It is exciting to begin reading the sauces which follow. I have some of the ingredients at home already. Others I know I can get easily.
I can't wait to try the first recipe in the book, "My Favorite Cheese Sauce". It sounds heavenly. As the author has been working on perfecting her version of a vegan cheese sauce for a long time, I know it is going to be dreamy.
As I love cold noodle salads, I also want to try her "Peanut Sauce" which has a mix of ingredients I have never come across in any other cookbook.
The recipe for "Mushroom-Cashew Gravy" sounds good for offering on potatoes as a side dish for non-vegan friends.
These are just a few of the fabulous recipes in this plant-based cookbook. Others include Hollandaise sauce, Alfredo sauce (swoon), and Mole sauce. The flavors of Mexico, Tex-Mex, Thai, Italian, and more are included.

There are recipes for salad dressings included as well. They are just as delicious and will make you want to get ready for dinner even if it is breakfast time! The author has some great suggestions for salad prepping which are really useful, too.

Finally the reader is provided with some "Simple Meals to Put Under Your Sauces". In this section, you will be reading about grain bowls, burritos, stir-fries and more. The variations within each choice makes this a huge selection of meals for you to enjoy with your sauces and salads! It's great!

This is a book you can throw in your backpack or pocketbook when you are out food shopping. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It makes mealtime more delicious and healthier. Kim Miles has created a super wonderful cookbook, in Change Your Sauce, Change Your Life ~Easy Plant Based Sauces to Blend, Whisk, and Shake~ from Positively Vegan. You won't want to be without it!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

We eat a lot of vegetarian food, so I'll have to check it out.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Oh yes, you will LOVE it!
Thanks Alex!

Jean :)

Eileen Bergen said...

I love to cook too, Jean. There's something else we have in common! "Mushroom-Cashew Gravy" sounds scrumptious. Since I've started following your book reviews, I haven't bought one book that I didn't love ;-)