Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful

I. jean, am back, having never thought that I could seriously feel thankful for anything again, ever.
If you had a list called Ten Things to Complain about I would have sniffed at that too, because I was too busy almost dying to be bothered. However, I am not dead and have no plans to shuffle off this mortal coil any time soon. Maybe in 35 years or so, I am 63--you do the math. I am going to be like one of those old Russian peasants who mystify everyone by living to be really, really, old.They smoke, they drink tons, and they carouse around until they are 126 years old and had their interview on how they got to live so long, which invariably involves tobacco and yogurt. Let's dooo that thing! Let's live that long! Without the tobacco and yogurt.

But I digress.

Getting back to the subject at hand, thanks to all the great creators of this hop. I love you all. You got me out of my desultory clam shell to write again.
Here goes the link to some lovely people, spearheaded by the originator,
Considerer Lizzi Rogers the Lovely,on her blog Summat to Think On ,
as well as all the gang:
A Fly on our (Chicken Coop) Wall, Amycake and the Dude, Considerings, Finding Ninee, Getting Literal, I Want Backsies, The Meaning of Me, Thankful Me, Uncharted, The Wakefield Doctrine

Hop on over and check them out!
Here is my Thankful list.
1) Incredibly thankful I am once again single and no longer have the shackles of a crappy marriage dragging me down. The pretense of that was dopey.

2) I am thankful for my kids and my family.

3) Obviously, I am thankful I am not dead.

4) I am thankful for Bruce Willis
here is a very up to date depiction of Bruce Willis. Maybe. Why watch anything else on HBO when Bruce is on, I ask you. I have seen all the Die Hards eighty bazillion million times

5) I am thankful for pretty weddings if they are not my own
This came from a blog I found called The Frosted Petticoat
I don't drink but this be looking banging

6) I am thankful for my leetle friend asterisk* who usually appears as thankful #8 but I remembered early

7) I am thankful for films where whole teams of guys triumph over adversity.
What is your favorite one?

*) I am thankful for the bemusement I feel when I check out FB and nothing has happened in the entire year I eschewed it. What is it good for?

9) I am thankful for my hat (picture below)
which is from the wonderful folks at The Wakefield Doctrine
--well, Clark. Thanks Clark. I love it and when I am not using it as part of my decor,
I wear it. I like wearing it at the Scotts Corner Market 
in town, where people see me and because of my hat ask me where the
guacamole is, and the scotch tape. Very cool! Thank you so much!!!

10) I am thankful for Paraiba Tourmalines, like this one below

dog by jean from a photo


Vanessa D said...

I think when it comes to views on marriage we may be twins. Lovely for others when they find their happily ever after, but I'm not clearing out a spot in the closet for anyone else.

Tammy said...

So happy to see you back in blog, et all action!

Jean Baldridge Yates said...

Ha! Vanessa D! Love your comment! I am looking at my closet right now and nodding in agreement!
xox jean

Jean Baldridge Yates said...

Tammy, thank you so much for you sweet words! xox jean

clark said...

Hey ho! Jean
Good to see you on the TToT.

(Is it me* or does anyone else get a really weird 'visual' when reading, "The Frosted Frosted Petticoat"? something Victorian, sure but the something semi-steam-goth, but still proper... yeah, I need to stop typing)

Not counting 'Pulp Fiction' I guess I gots to go with 'The Avengers'.

totally stylin the chapeau, yo

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The part about the asterisk made me chuckle.
Bruce Willis is still cool.

ivy walker said...

JEAN!!!!!!! Had I changed my name before you disappeared? Its zoe and stalked so now ivy and doug which seems to have checked it. So glad to see you back and marriage-less and well. Regarding your question, i will go with just about any superhero movie. Avengers was my fav silver surfer too but that was kinda lousy movie.

Jean Baldridge Yates said...

Dear Clark,
The Frosted Petticoat *is* weird sounding and I bet the people at the Food Channel have actually incorporated one into their menu at one time or another, because they are always trying to do the wildest things, like tell chefs to put bacon in their ice cream. I mean, truly.
I love Pulp Fiction and need to go back and rediscover The Avengers!
Thanks again for the hat--I only need one hat and it is that GREAT hat!

Jean Baldridge Yates said...

Dear Alex, you are the best to stop by!
I need to micro the review of your most recent book, DRAGON of the STARS, which was spectacularly good and beautiful. Only Alex J. Cavanaugh can evoke so much beauty and such powerful emotion with his science fiction. It is uncanny. I recommend everything this guy writes. You won't be able to put it down.

Jean Baldridge Yates said...

Dear Ivy, you are here? Hooray! I need to find your blog, but don't tell me here at this public place.
Give big hugs to Doug :)
I love you both! xox
Good choice on the movies (racing to look up silver surfer) !
I have missed you!

ivy walker said...

Im still posting just incognito... not so worried any longer... Im okay with posting my blog here... just using the IVY DOUG combo!!! So happy to see youre well!

Anonymous said...

Jean! Hello and welcome back! Has it really been a year? Wow.
I'm so glad to see you here again. Also, you have a WD hat? I do not have one. Color me jealous.

Dyanne @ I Want Backsies said...

I'm so glad you're not dead! And even more glad you're back to join us! I hope you become just like one of those Russian peasants and are around for another 63 years!

Tracy said...

glad to see youre back sweetie - big fat hug

Kristi Campbell said...

Well I'm quite glad that you're not dead! Had to laugh out loud that you eschewed Facebook for a year and didn't miss anything! And I want to be the 126 year old too! Ok?

Christine said...

I guess skipping FB for a year is a lot like skipping a soap opera for a year. You can catch up with what you missed in about 10 minutes. :)
I'm so glad to have you back at the TToT! Of course, I'm even more glad you aren't dead. That would have really put a damper on a ttot.

Christine said...

OH! And Bruce Willis!! I have enjoyed him ever since Moonlighting. Remember that show? I watched it every week while I babysat for our neighbors. I haven't seen any Die Hard movies since the first one, though. Nothing against him. Just haven't gone to many movies in the last couple of decades.

Val said...

Scott? No, Clark. I fell in love with Bruce Willis (again, after the Moonlighting TV show) in the Disney movie "The Kid".

Marian Allen said...

OMG, I missed you SO HARD!! I'm so sorry you almost died, but so happy it was almost and not def!

Bruce Willis yo!

Team triumphing over adversity: Adventures in Babysitting and Cool Runnings.

I'm so happy to see you back. Here are some big squishy hugs -> {{{{JEAN}}}}

Marian Allen, Author Lady
Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

Sarah Summerlin said...

OH YAY, JEAN!!!!!!! So glad to read you again! You were desperately missed round these parts. Glad things are better.

Jean Baldridge Yates said...

Dear Ivy,
I loved reading your blog!

Dear Lisa L.,
Yes, I have a WD hat and it makes me look far more intelligent than I really am. Be happy for me!

Dear Dyanne, so good to hear from you. You are one of my fave blog writers and people!

Dear Tracy,
Bigger fatter hug back!!!

Dear Kristi, I think that you being 126 a bazillion years from now would be awesome and could only benefit the world so yes, let's do it!

Dear Christine,
I am so happy you stopped by. Your love of Moonlighting is fun--they should bring it back in syndication, shouldn't they? I am the only person I know who owned Bruce Willis' album where he called himself Bruno! I got it in the 80s I think! :)

Dear Val,
The Kid by Disney is one I am not familiar with. How can this be for a film freak like me! I think it sounds great.

Dear Marian,
Love you for your wonderful comments. Thank you. I love your movie choices too! xox

Dear Sarah,
So happy to see you too! Yay!!! love, Jean xox

Bobbie said...

Hooray, you're back! I've been missing your humor and insights. Cheers to being tougher than the tough situations life has thrown at you recently!

Jean Baldridge Yates said...

Dear Bobbie,
Lovely to see you! That smile of yours lights up my comment page!
:) jean