Monday, August 17, 2015

A review by Jean Baldrige Yates of DRAGON OF THE STARS by Alex J. Cavanaugh


by Alex J. Cavanaugh

DRAGON OF THE STARS is unique, intriguing, and action packed.
The main character, Aden, is a young but ardently dedicated military warrior.
As the book begins, he soon finds himself going on the attack. He and his ship are the last hope to save his homeland, Hyrath, and her people. In order to do this, Aden must locate the Dragon, a ship which is a powerful weapon even if long lost. Then he must find a way to get the Dragon in fighting shape. Aden is in a deadly situation and rapidly becomes the main hope of his people.

The venture is an urgent one, with Lt. Commander Aden and his band racing to find the Dragon.
Who is going to assist Aden the most on this mission? Will he succeed in this vital race to save his homeland?

Get caught up in the tale and find out!

The twists and turns of Aden's adventure are fascinating.

There is a memorable and touching romance between Aden and crew member Tamsin. It brings a sweet humanity to the story. It is as critical to the plot as the breathtaking fighting scenes.

The bold vividness which threads through this well written tale will  keep you on the edge of your seat... and the surprising ending will especially move you.

DRAGON OF THE STARS is a thrilling space fantasy from start to finish.  Highly recommended.

review by Jean Baldridge Yates


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks you, Jean! Glad you enjoyed it.

Truedessa said...

This was a great review of the book. It really sums of the adventure.

Jean Baldridge Yates said...

Thank you, Alex.
Truedessa, thank you very much!