Thursday, August 20, 2015

Who remembers copper bracelets worn for health benefits? I do, and they are back--and with magnets added

it is magnet therapy!

Review of the Lifestyle Plus Magnet Therapy Bracelet
review by Jean

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very pretty design in an easy to wear magnetic therapy bracelet in brushed copper!

I am a jewelry designer who loves aesthetically pleasing adornments. This bracelet by Lifestyle Plus has a really nice, striking presence and a good weight to it.
I like the way it looks on my wrist. I also noticed that one of the members of my family was admiring it as well. So it is not just for women! It could be considered a good choice for men too, which is great if you have a guy who wears jewelry you need a gift for.
My grandmother wore a copper bracelet on each wrist to help ease the pain of the arthritis in her hands. She had plenty of gold and silver bracelets, however she believed in the power of copper metal to combat her arthritis. There was no such thing as magnet therapy back when she wore her bracelets. However, I have just now read up on it, as well as brushing up on the merits of wearing copper.
Here's the thing: wear your Lifestyle Plus bracelet, and believe it will work as a therapeutic device for your pain if you want to. There is no proof, according to what I read, that these kinds of bracelets are harmful in any way. They may work by providing hope, according to studies I read.
What do we need hope for?
Just everything in life: hope makes things better.
If you have an allergy to nickel, like the reviewer who got a rash from the magnets in the bracelet, don't wear it, Good to know.

The Magnetic Therapy Bracelet is not expensive and is a good value. It is said to be bendy (malleable) but my experience has been that it is very strong. I like the smoothness of it and I like the way it looks.

If you are a person who is curious about nature, and loves to read about the special powers of different kinds of stones which come from the earth (like rose quartz, amethyst and diamonds) why not consider being more open minded about the metals which come from the earth? Maybe they do have some sort of abilities to heal or make us feel better, when formed into bracelets as lovely as these ... and worn with hope.
I like my Lifestyle Plus Magnetic Therapy Bracelet very much. The company did a great job presently and designing this cuff style look.
It is comfortable, goes with any outfit and is a really cool addition to anyone's style. I have a small-average wrist and it fits me loosely (I can slide it on) but does not fall off. I have arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome and I plan to wear it and show it off proudly!


Chris White said...

Interesting article. I'd like you to check back and give another comment after wearing it for some time to let us know if you have had positive results (in regard to less arthritis pain).

Thanks Jean, 'glad you're back!

Jean Baldridge Yates said...

Thank you Chris--that is a good idea. I will try to update this after I have worn the bracelet for a bit! :)
xox jean