Monday, August 8, 2016

Jean reviews Make It Sparkle! 25 Dazzling Jewelry Designs to Make Any Occasion Special, by Lindsay Burke of Fusion Beads

We designers admittedly adore the flash and sass of crystals in almost every piece of jewelry we design. They bring out so much beauty and elegance.
Furthermore. the better the designs, the more wonderful the addition of crystals becomes. That's where this book come in! It is a virtual Aladdin's treasure of entrancing crystal designs. 
Make It Sparkle!, by Lindsay Burke of Fusion Beads, is for all of us who can't resist the beauty of great design combined with the loveliness of sparkling crystals.
The author has invited a few talented friends to join her, as well. They also contribute to this dazzling book. Between them all, they have come up with some great projects; easy and fun to make, and fabulous to wear!

The author explains in her introduction that she has always been inspired by her friends, the artists and designers who have surrounded her all her life. She says, "They are always pushing me to be creative and innovative in my own jewelry designs."
Then she adds, "Just as I am constantly being influenced by and learning from others, I hope that this book will inspire and encourage you to create amazing pieces of jewelry."  She continues on to suggest that we readers feel free to change the designs to fit our own unique personalities. 
Make It Sparkle! 25 Dazzling Jewelry Designs to Make Any Occasion Special, definitely gives the reader all sorts of new, exciting techniques and ways to add sparkle to her jewelry designs. It lights the way from beginning to end! 

The color combinations in the designs range from poetically subtle to brilliantly flashy. The reader will be drawn to the innovative designs as well as the colors. This book is totally fun as well as sophisticated. 

The twenty five projects include necklaces, stacking bangles, memory bracelets, charm bracelets, earrings of all sorts (including a lovely pair of threader earrings), and more.  

The author's friend and fellow jewelry designer Katie Wall opens the book with the first offering: the "Bejeweled Necklace". It is a sophisticated bib necklace with a sort of a boho look, very dancy and flirty. It is made of gun metal, combining a beautiful palette of crystals in fern green, fuchsia and indicolite. You will be making simple loop units which will later be attached to each other to make this gorgeous necklace. It is definitely a necklace to love, and one to try in different colors, as well!

The "Frost Flower" necklace which follows is totally breathtaking. Brides, take note of this one! It is also perfect for any sort of celebration in the winter especially. It uses AB clear Preciosa beads in the olive shape. Each bead is connected to the next using sterling silver plated jump rings. This too is a bib necklace, however it is entirely different in look than the first necklace. They are two of my favorites in this lovely book. 

If you love earrings, check out the project by Cody Westfall called the "Dazzling Earrings". All heads will turn as you enter the room wearing these, whether you choose her palette, which is stunning, primarily in iridescent green crystals and pearls, or make up your own.
The shape of these earrings is a drop from a curved ear wire with the smaller beads catching the light below the main drop. This project is positively glorious and one you will adore.

Are you hip? Try the "Pink Party Bracelets", a project designed by Samantha Slater. As the heading for this one says, "Wrap. Stack. Party!" These bangles in antiqued silver or brass each are wire wrapped with craft wire, using fabulous Preciosa bicones in all sorts of colors of rose, pink, and Indian Pink. Futile to resist! 

Allison Hoffman designs a beautiful bracelet which combines clear with gold tones. The "Evening Gold" bracelet is impressive and would be lovely at any special event. The balance of Preciosa Crystal AB rounds and bicones, as well as gold plated crystal rhinestone chain, all attached to a pewter gold plated toggle clasp is just totally WOW. It is brilliant in more than one way!

If you are feeling feminine and spring-y, try the author's "Raindrops and Lilies" earrings. They combine chain wire wrapped with peridot opal day lily pressed-glass beads and 3mm  and 4 mm indicolite crystal bicones. They are outstandingly pretty. 

Another project I love is the "Watermelon Bracelet". It is named Watermelon because one of the beads has that terrific red and green combination sparkling away, catching your eye. The reader learns how to create her own bracelet and add the charms of her choice. These bracelets are very fashionable and to be able to make one is really a terrific idea. Make one for yourself, and make one for your best friend. Then start counting how many best friends you end up having--I predict a zillion! 

The "Hanging By a Thread" earrings are glamorous in a simple way. Threader components and  Amethyst Swarovski Crystal Emerald Cut Beads are wired together, using head pins. It couldn't be easier, yet it is extremely lovely. 

At the end of this book you will be able to see a glossary, and every technique which you will need for the projects. There is also a bit about each contributor (they are all terrific! This book is seamless in its creativity and style). There is also a collection of sources for supplies, which is wonderful to have on hand.

What a wonderful, diverse collection of chic jewelry projects flash before the reader eyes here. It is mesmerizing. 

I look forward to the next book from this author, Lindsay Burke. She makes it all seem so simple and fun! She has put together a super sparkly book for all of us to love! 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I never knew there were so many book on this craft.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Alex, you could fly to the next galaxy and back and never complete your journey through jewelry design books!