Friday, August 5, 2016

Beadbloggers and a photo of two almost twin Blythe dolls

These girls are not really twins but they look a lot alike. The one on the right is Ziggy, my Prima Dolly Ebony, a much sought after doll who was one of the first ones that people began learning to customize on. Mine has some light customization but you will recognize her by those awesome red lips and her cool summer tan. The other doll is a customized FBL--a Prima Dolly too, but with the fairest skin color--she came out much later in time. Mine is named Jewels because each set of her eye chips resemble different precious jewels (shown are the diamonds!). I love her--the custom work was done one year for my birthday. There is always an occasion, if you a Blythe lover, to get a new Blythe!!!
The best, most fun thing is that these girls are wearing their crochet dresses by Tammy Powley, the Crafty Princess herself. They are keeping cool and looking cool at the same time! Tammy rocks!


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