Monday, August 1, 2016

Jean reviews Modern Beaded Lace Beadweaving Techniques for Stunning Jewelry Designs by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

 Modern Beaded Lace 
Beadweaving Techniques for Stunning Jewelry Designs 
by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

As the reader can see right away from the cover, this is a beautiful book. The author teaches her own techniques of beaded lace from every sort of can possibly imagine, and each project is extremely lovely in its own unique way! She offers earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. Each one captures the flirty, airy feeling of lace in a fresh manner.
In her introduction, she explains what led her to create this book. "Beaded lace is a hybrid of lacemaking and beadweaving, and both have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. In traditional lacemaking, threads are knotted together to make patterns; beaded lace mimics those patterns. When I was younger, I loved making lace using traditional methods; my threads and beads coexisted happily together. As time passed, I became more interested in beadweaving: lace takes a very long time to make, while beads are bright, shiny and work up into something pretty in much less time."
The author goes on to explain how she experimented using beads until she got to the point where she learned to bead the three main elements of lace: figures, cordonnets, and ground.
In this book, each project uses one or more of these elements. She adds that she hopes that we will go on to use them to create additional pieces of our own design. With a book as unique as this, how can we resist?
Part 1, The Basics, has all the materials and tools needed to create the projects, with photos.
Following that are the Elements of Beaded Lace.Here you will see how the author ties in the lace to the stitches you will be using in this book. She is a very clear instructor, and has combined these lace making and the beadweaving techniques together so that the reader will understand how one transfers to the other. This is where you learn which stitches go with the Cordonnets, which with the Figures and finally which with the Ground.  There are illustrated instructions for all the stitches used in the designs. Finally, there is an explanation of all of the types of lace which she chose for her projects. There are many more types of lace but this collection is pretty, plentiful and very interesting as it stands. Her section on designing beaded lace is really helpful as well, explaining and demonstrating some of what to expect in the projects.
Then the reader will be ready for the projects in Part 2.
Wait until you see what awaits you! Some of these project will be appropriate for all beadweavers, and some may be best for more experienced beadweavers, however all of them are gorgeous and extremely motivating! The author recommends working each piece as a springboard, if you are interested in designing your own jewelry later. And you will want to! Just looking at the pieces, each project fully photographed from many different angle, will delight you.
I found the "Dogwood Chain" to be an elegant reminder of my love for those trees when they bloom in the spring. Each lacy flower is attached to the next in a very simple manner, One could make earrings from this pattern, as well,
Add some color to your life with the "Cirque Earrings". They are shown as dangles and express the popularity of round figures and shapes in lacework. The earrings are enchanting with their centerpiece focal Tanzanite rivolis and their pearls, and their dangles finished with 8mm Tanzanite rounds. What a perfect play of color!
Speaking of pearls, let the "Heartstrings Necklace" tug at your own heart when you see it. It is an amazing piece which you will want to try right away. The lacy chain on either side of the focal is created of tiny bronze seed beads centered with seductive, dusky golden vintage pearls. Clasped with your stitches at the focal, is a formal double swirl of larger bronze seed beads in mirrored S shapes, holding a beautiful vintage gold 10 mm pearl. The design is like double hearts, with the pearl at the bottom. It is breathtaking!
I don't want to neglect to mention the "Ruffled Ring". It is fabulous and can be changed (as can many of the authors designs) into a pendant or earrings or whatever you fancy, once you have mastered the technique. This saucy, chic ring has a center pearl in dark gray, which is surrounded by seed beads of silverplate, and nickelplated seed beeds. With the addition of clear crystals in 2.5mm, this ruffled lacy ring will become one of your favorite pieces, I expect.

As it says on the back of the book, "It's easier than you think to make showstopping beaded-lace jewelry!" I agree. Get your hands on this glamorous jewelry design book by the wonderful Cynthia Newcomer Daniel, Modern Beaded Lace, Beadweaving Techniques for Stunning Jewelry Designs  !


Chris White said...

Great review, as usual Jean. Thanks

Jean Baldridge Yates said...

Thank you so much, dear Chris! :)

jean xox

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Your description of the book convinced me that the word "stunning" in the title couldn't be more true. What a beautiful elegant look Cynthia's beaded lace creates!